Merci, Monsieur Mugler:
Thierry Launches Makeup



Dropping into Thierry Mugler’s world has always felt a bit like stepping onto another planet. The designer’s dramatic runway shows translated into the iconic success of Angel, perhaps the best selling cult fragrance of all time, a scent that inspires emotions ranging from lust to disgust, depending on who you ask. Mugler’s long- awaited and highly anticipated makeup launch, The Mirror Collection (available in March), was perfected with much hands-on attention from the designer himself. The luxury formulas are stunningly packaged, but (as is the case with most lines) hit or miss in terms of quality and effectiveness.


Billed as a double-phase formula that revitalizes eyes and strengthens lashes, Mugler’s Eye Make Up Remover is dermatologist and opthalmologist tested for safety. The chic glass pump looks gorgeous on a vanity but unfortunately, this product left traces of mascara and began to sting my admittedly-sensitive eyes after continual use.


Mugler tells us to disguise our flaws with ice and light (oh, that Thierry!) this Spring, with help from his Cooling Effect Concealer or Bleu Glacis. This silky smooth powder is indeed cooling upon application (due to the water-heavy composition) and the blue pigments aid in concealing redness and dark under eye circles. Keep that Cle de Peau nearby, however – the Bleu Glacis is effective in concealing only minor imperfections.


It’s a bold statement to make, but to my knowledge, Mugler’s Cils Vinyle is unique in the world of makeup. This lash gloss gives a vinyl finish thanks to a mix of acrylic resins. Brush it on individual lashes for added drama and shine – just use a light hand to avoid clumps.


Incorporating liquid crystals, the super shimmery and holographic Plexi Gloss delivers shine sans stickiness. As a bonus, the chic, tapered tube is a major conversation starter and looks tres chic emerging from that Lauren Merkin clutch! Available in Blue, Pink and Coral Reflexion.

With its slanted felt tip, Mugler’s Lip Pen is easy to apply even for those of us that lack eye/hand coordination. It leaves a long-lasting, matte stain on lips. Try Rosewood for a neutral, deep brownish-pink; the Lip Pen is also available in Nude and Brown.

Thierry Mugler’s Mirror Collection is available in select Bloomingdale’s locations, including 59th Street and SoHo.

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