Mission Impossible: Luscious Lashes


It began with a dash of lash envy – a friend with eyelashes so thick, they made mine look nonexistent. Thus began my quest for lashes like hers and the introduction to a bevy of products designed to thicken, boost and amplify eyelashes, safely and effectively.


Experts can all agree that curling your lashes make eyes pop. Sephora’s Lower Lash Curler (www.sephora.com) and Tarte’s Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler (www.tartecosmetics.com) were two tools that provided the perfect, lengthening kink-less curl. A good start, but it wasn’t enough.


Fast Lash from Japonesque (www.japonesque.com) is a surprising alternative to pricier treatments. Its safe, fine and a little strange-at-first fuzz attaches to your lashes to plump and thicken quickly – key for a busy New Yorkers! Feeling like Goldilocks, I wasn’t yet satisfied. I needed more!


This led me to explore the world of false lashes. After a few (okay, upwards of 10) trial runs, I mastered the art of application – the trick is to use very little eyelash glue. After testing all types of falsies, ranging from the sublime (full strips of inch-long lashes!) to the ridiculous (purple feathers – seriously.), I decided that lashes from Scott Barnes (www.scottbarnes.com), MAC (www.maccosmetics.com) and Shu Uemura (www.shuuemura.com) offer the best selections for your individual taste. With styles ranging from clumps of three to full-on glam girl strips with Swarovski crystals (by Shu), it’s impossible not to find a style that works for your needs.

It was on to New Jersey next, where I met Skyy Hadley at Hoboken’s As U Wish Nail Spa (www.asuwishnailspa.com), where I was treated to a professional application of Xtreme Lashes. Lash by individual lash, Skyy gently applied a full set with a bonding agent safe for everyone and in just 90 minutes, my eyelashes went from little to lush – mission accomplished!


With the abuse to which I’d subjected my lashes, I stashed away a single product for redemption, once my Xtreme Lashes gradually fall out in about a month. After a month of experimenting, DermaQuest’s nourishing DermaLash (www.dermaquestinc.com) promises to promote growth, strengthen lashes and prevent future breakage – essentials for my poor, abused lash line. I’ll report back in six weeks on the effectiveness of this twice daily treatment – stay tuned!

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