Model & Wander Beauty Founder Lindsay Ellingson is in the Hot Seat

In the Hot Seat is BACK! After a brief hiatus, we listened to you and resurrected this popular Q+A with beauty industry iconoclasts, power players, and VIPS in a MASSIVE way this month! You may recognize the breathtakingly beautiful Lindsay Ellingson, co-founder and creative director of Wander Beauty. She is also a model who was once a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Her brand is amazing — women of any age can use the products and feel glamorous and classic yet modern. It’s truly a brand that understands that beauty products need to do more, and be easy to use.

BN: What was the impetus for launching Wander Beauty?
LE: My co-founder, Divya Gugnani, and I met at a party in NYC and we instantly bonded over our love of travel and beauty. We are both busy women — I’ve been modeling and traveling the world for 12 years. She’s an entrepreneur and mom of two. Although we come from different worlds, we shared a common need and that was to simplify our beauty routines, because most of the time, we have five minutes to get out the door or are doing our makeup in cars or on planes.

We realized there wasn’t makeup out there that had all the benefits of the artistry brands we were using but could also be foolproof and do more for us. We sat on her couch and came up with our mission, which was to create a brand with only the essentials; luxurious products that multitask and keep you looking gorgeous on the go.

BN: Amen, sister! What is the one Wander Beauty product all women need in their makeup bags and why?
LE: A makeup bag essential for every woman is our cult-favorite On the Glow Blush and Illuminator. We launched our brand with this one product almost two years ago and it’s been a best-seller ever since. I’m loving our newest shade Berry Whisper — it looks so gorgeous on both cheeks, lips, and eyes.

On the other side is our Nude Glow Illuminator, which will instantly wake up a dull complexion and can be used on your body to add a gorgeous glow. There’s at least 10 ways to wear our On the Glow blush and Illuminator; it’s the ultimate multitasker and beauty enhancer, which is why I think it’s a must have for all women.

BN: One tip for using one of Wander Beauty’s products that you want to share with fans/readers?
LE: I’m so excited about our new Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara. It took us two years to develop to get it just right. One tip I love is to use the convex side of our “S” shaped brush to press the formula into the root of your lashes and work your way to the tip. This will add even more volume and length to your lashes, like tight lining. Our brush also has a tapered tip that can reach the tiniest lower lashes without making a mess.

BN: One product you didn’t create but use religiously?
LE: I use Dr. Lancer’s Skin Polish religiously. For me, it’s the holy grail of exfoliators. It smooths the texture of my skin while infusing it with oxygen. I love the instant gratification of smooth radiant skin even after one use.

BN: What does Wander have on deck for 2017? What new launches can you discuss and share?
LE: This month we are launching, what I like to call “filter-free makeup.” Our three new products will leave your skin glowing and flawless.

One of my favorites is our new Glow Getter Mist, which can be used before makeup to tone and hydrate, over makeup to set, or throughout the day to refresh. It’s enriched with 12 skincare oils and contains the purest form of water, which is glacier water from Iceland.

Glacier water travels for hundreds of years through volcanic rock. Once it reaches us, it’s alkaline and contains minerals that help to calm and soothe the skin.

We’re also launching our Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer. For years, I’ve been buying two types of concealers — one full coverage and one lightweight and light-reflecting for my dark circles. We decided to give women everything they need to cover any imperfection in one stick. On one side is a full coverage matte stick and on the other is an illuminating liquid. It’s truly a must-have!

BN: What is WANDER’s philosophy in 100 words or less?
LE: Women are busier than ever — whether you’re working, traveling, a mother, or all of the above; we want to simplify your beauty routine. We create luxurious multitaskers, only the essentials that you have to have in your beauty bag. All of our formulas are enriched with skincare ingredients from around the globe and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and we are cruelty free. All of our products are color coded to be carried for touch ups on the go.

BN: Total opinion question here — will matte lippies stick around through 2018 or will gloss make a comeback?
LE: I think gloss will always be around, but I don’t believe it will ever make a comeback. To me, it’s sticky and reminds me of high school. I think we will see innovative textures that are hydrating and long-wearing. We’ve been working on a few different formulas at Wander Beauty so you will have to check back in the fall to find out what’s up our sleeve!

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