More Than Makeup: Anastasia Vavina

Anastasia Vavina made her way from Russia to United States a year ago to forge ahead with her impressive makeup artistry. “I do makeup and hair. All these photos were done from 2019 on, and this exhibition is a selection of work of my talented friends who are photographers. I was a makeup and hair artist for each shoot. I think this exhibition best represents my type of style and beauty,” says Vavina. “Mostly this exhibition was for fun and what are called test shoots. I was pretty lucky; I was juggling many jobs in Russia. We can’t just jump into our hobbies to call it our life. I finally made this transition in 2020 though, during the COVID pandemic. I quit my office job and wanted to grow as an artist and make a decision as to whether I wanted to pursue this full time or not.”

“This exhibition is a token of gratitude to my teams that I had worked with before. All of them brought me where I am now. But they do consist of test shoots mostly.”

Vavina was featured in numerous publications, including Grazia, L’Officiel, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Allure and InStyle. She was also featured as an expert contributor for Cosmopolitan. She served as a member of the judging council for the International Beauty Industry Awards in 2022.

Vavina’s work speaks for itself. Take a look at the photos below — photo credits to Alexandra Star / @starikovasa


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