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Back in high school, I wore a little eyeliner, a little mascara, and I was good to go. I remember a phase where my mother literally chased me trying to get me to put on some blush. Really. I remember the cool girls wore impeccable makeup. I looked at them with envy. You know those girls – in class at 7 am, perfectly pulled together with an ensemble, no smudges, and hair perfectly straightened. I was voted something like “Best Laugh.” These girls were “Biggest Flirt” or “Best Legs.”

Now I can laugh, but at the time, I remember being a little, well, clueless. Let’s just say I learned my way around an eye shadow kit and now I know that a palette can be a girl’s best friend, because it can contain a myriad of looks, a quick change from day to night, and maybe even provide a tutorial or two if a look is a little more complicated. Right now, I am loving all kinds of palettes, from eye palettes that contain tutorials on how to create the perfect smoky eye, to the perfect little kit that fits in your bag and has absolutely everything you need in it.

Too Faced is the winner of “Best Looking” for its Smoky Eye Kit. I created a beautiful smoky eye look with this one as a novice. I wore smoky eyes for days: to work, to school, to play. I have to say, I did enjoy all the attention! I used the flash cards included that created three separate looks: one casual, one dinner, one all-out glam. This one was so much fun to use! I came totally complete and ready to use with its own brush. The boudoir-ready box is also quite lovely. Congratulations!

Too Faced Smoky Eye Kit is available at Sephora locations or

“Most Bohemian” goes to the lovely Josie Maran for her “Eye Love You” eye shadow palette. These are the softest most beautiful eye shadows, in the prettiest colors imaginable. I love Josie Maran’s “chic-ological” philosophy that women can be beautiful and socially conscious at the same time. These gorgeous shadows are made of natural ingredients and include Argan oil, an antioxidant rich oil that soothes all skin types. And while it is possible to layer all the shadows in different looks-each color is so sheer and wonderful in a watercolor-y sort of way, that I found myself wearing each one as a solo. I loved the softness. They also were so non -irritating on my eyes. I especially loved that each one had a little shimmer. Crown, a peachy grey, was wonderful on my hazel eyes.

Josie Maran “Eye Love You” Eye Palette is available at Sephora or

Who else would win “Biggest Flirt” but Victoria’s Secret’s Fall Face Kit for Fair Skin? This kit was on trend and coquettish with a complete face look and tutorial on how to do a sweetly colored smoky eye that was both sexy and wearable. The fair skin kit contained a pop of purple smoke with a pink cheek and soft smudge of black eyeliner. I wore it on a movie date, and I must say. I believe it did the trick. I batted my eyes along with the best of them. Wink. Wink.

Available at Victoria’s Secret locations and

And our winner for “Best All-Around”? It’s the neat little Color to Go Red Limited Edition Palette by Sephora. It’s a fold out palette chock-full of looks. It’s so small that it can fit in your smallest bag, yet it offers a color wallop. I am a big fan of Sephora’s home makeup line in general, and, as a redhead, I love the colors in this palette: from the burnt orange blush, which is surprisingly flattering, to a beautiful peacock eye shadow to the lip glosses. This set has absolutely everything you need and right at your fingertips. You don’t need to lug around a huge bag, either.

Available Sephora locations or

A palette makes it easy for me (and you) to play with trends that we may not ordinarily play with and makes the day a little easier. But ultimately, they are just a little bit easier. I can throw one in my bag and I never have to worry about being caught without a complete face. As a matter of fact, the little red Sephora palette is in my purse right now.

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