Nail Art Takes on a New Meaning for Fall 2009


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that one of my biggest pet peeves is treating myself to a manicure on a lazy Sunday afternoon to have it chip by Tuesday morning. So when I found out that Fall 2009 was the season of exciting new nail techniques, I was determined to find a solution to keeping my nails looking great. So without further adieu, I present you with this season’s latest and greatest nail trends, in no particular order.


If you’ve seen Beyonce’s famous “Single Ladies” music video, then you’ve already gotten a glimpse into the wonderful world of Minx. Look past the booty shaking and flawless choreography and zoom in on her metallic silver nails. The 2-to-4-millimeter-thick film is cut to fit the nail, affixed with a heat-activated adhesive and lasts up to two weeks for a manicure and four to six for a pedicure. My mani lasted 10 days and I type…a lot. The best part about Minx are the designs. I sported the Silver Lightening Minx for my first application and then upgraded to chrome Houndstooth. Designs range from silver and gold to polka dot, cheetah print, fishnet and even a 70’s- inspired flower motif.

Available at Bliss Spa New York and Hoboken locations.


The burning question of “Are you gellin’?” was once reserved for the popular shoe insoles, but this fall, it’s taking on a whole new level of meaning. An alternative to nail-ruining acrylics, Calgel is a gel nail system that is applied to your nails the same way polish is; a base, two coats of color and a top coat. Only Calgel is set briefly under a UV light so there’s no drying time. Since it’s a gel, it’s more durable and lasts up to two weeks. Sadly mine only lasted about eight days after an unfortunate incident with a cheese grater, but I digress. You’ve got about 80 colors to choose from and the salon also specializes eccentric nail art so feel free to go a little crazy.

Sakura Nail and Spa, 35 E. 1st St. (Between 1st &2nd Aves.) 212.387.9161 or 1709 2nd Ave (Between 88th &89th Streets) 212.722.1334


If you’re ready to start gellin’ this Fall, but want to keep it simple and natural-looking, then Dashing Diva’s very own UV gel system is perfect for you. Similar to Calgel, Gelife is applied in four coats, requires no drying time and lasts up to two weeks. This gel is a natural sheer pink shade for a classic high-shine look and can also be done in a French manicure style. Perfect for the chip-prone or just those who can never seem to decide on a color.

Available at Dashing Diva New York salons

Matte Finish

If you’re someone who enjoys a weekly mani for the polish change and aren’t quite ready to commit to two weeks with the same style or color, than the matte nails trend is perfect for you. Pamper yourself with a standard mani but switch out your shiny top coat for Essie’s Matte About You, a matte finish topcoat that will erase shine to create a dull looking finish. This won’t work on all shades though: stay away from this product if you prefer blacks and blues, but definitely use it to top off your nudes, such as Essie’s Not Just A Pretty Face or non-metallic purples like Lippman’s Call Me Irresponsible for some trendy tips.

Available at drugstores nationwide or at

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