4 Elements Nail Care

If there’s anything I know about the four elements, it is that each one shows off their unique flair via their nails. I’ve been wearing Londontown’s Kur polishes and can report back on which nail care products fit for each element. The best part is the polishes are formulated without: formaldehyde, toulene, DBP, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, acetone, xylene, TPHP, and formaldehyde resin. They’re vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Perfect for all lifestyles, too!

Starting off with the ever-so-cool: air. Iconic, classic, the BFF to all. The perfect product that resonates is Illuminating Nail Concealer. It’s a universally flattering shade that gives a your-nails-but-better appearance with a milky finish. It dries super fast, which is ideal for air signs who are always on the go.

The nail file is also perfect for these airy babes, because no one likes a hangnail while debating about the best pizza toppings.

For a more romantic energy, water signs will fall in love with Pink Illuminating Nail Concealer. A rosy-pink hint to the classic Illuminating Nail Concealer, it gives the softest look to nails for days. Whether writing sappy poetry or washing hands with lily-scented soap, you’ll be reminded of how special you are, water sign.

To keep those fingers looking pristine, give the Whipped Cloud hand cream. It gives a hydrating layer to protect not only your manicure but hands too. Now you can play in water all day, no worries with Whipped Cloud.

For fire signs, Oud Mood, is your girl. This rich hot chocolate-meets-burnt sienna embodies the passion of Aries, Leo, and Sag. It looks great under the glow of candlelight during a steamy dinner of steak and champagne – or simply wile grocery shopping. You can’t feel stressed while wearing Oud Mood!

All nails require the shiniest of shines, and there’s a solution with Top Coat. Easy to apply, and even quicker to dry. Top Coat is an investment that will last manicure after manicure for years to come.

Sedona is the ultimate earth sign color: a neutral-cool-muted green that looks like a million bucks. It gives a gel-like finish, which is necessary for the hard-working earth signs that crave a one-and-done manicure. Being a Taurus, I’ve grown attached to Sedona, even packing it into my bag during vacation because I can’t go without it! It’s that serious.

Earth signs tend to forget about the hands, but the cuticle oil makes it easy to have low-maintenance yet high-pay-off care. Add a few drops before bed and wake up with nails that feel and look healthier.