Dashing Diva’s Summer Styles for Pedicure Perfection

Having a beautiful pedicure is part of summer glam. Since some of us are still hesitant to go to the nail salon during this pandemic, Dashing Diva’s collection of pedicure press-ons is godsend because you can transform your nails into a polished pedi in mere minutes. Magic Press Solid Pedicure Press-On Toes is a gel pedicure for the comfort of your home, offering an assorted solid color shades. Simply stick them on, and they’re waterproof.

Magic Press Pedicure stick-ons are thin, flexible press-on gel nails that stay shiny and chip-free for up to 7 days. You can even wear them safely to the beach, as they’ll remain on through swimming and surfing.

Available in 9 solid shades such as Coral Reef, Lobster Boil and Wave Over with unique designs. Make sure to clean first with the enclosed Prep Pad, peel off the gel nail, and press on — then you’re done. It’s that uncomplicated. 

You will have a hard time choosing favorites because they’re all gorgeous. See which ones catch your eyes among the Premium, Solid Color and Design collections at https://dashingdiva.com/collections/magic-press-toes.


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