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‘Tis the season to flaunt your best self. Keep your nails looking camera-ready and your holiday budget in control with these two superb innovations:

When we feel good about our appearance, it radiates confidence and this is true when it comes to the little things like our nails. Many of us tend to neglect our nails because of time and money. StimuNail comes to the rescue so you can be proud of your nails and walk into any room knowing you are polished and well put-together. This hero device is a Beacon Award winner that uses tried-and-touted red light therapy, heat, and vibration to strengthen your nails in just THREE minutes! Now, who doesn’t have three minutes to spare for their nails?

StimuNail has been helping women of all ages attain strong, healthy nails with a natural, multi-faceted approach. The device resembles half of a bowling ball and includes finger-shaped insertion slots. With the powerful combination of light, massage, and heat, StimuNail targets the matrix area where keratin-rich nail cells develop. The nail area is gently warmed to boost blood flow, distributing nutrients to growing cells and red light is directed to the cuticle area. It takes no time at all.

This incredible chemical-free alternative for nail growth even works while wearing polish or artificial nails. With StimuNail you don’t need to choose between resilient and beautiful nails because you can have both. You can say adieu to wrecked, grotesque nails and go to


Danni & Toni
Embrace gorgeous nails and simplify your life by doing your own salon-worthy manicure with gel nail strips by Danni & Toni. This sophisticated and creative line will transform your nail experience and save you time, cost, and the hassle of leaving your home. Super easy to put on, all nails are completely safe and last about two weeks when applied with a UV gel nail lamp.

A pioneer in exceptional gel nail wraps, Danni & Toni specializes in unique styles and offers more than 300 variations for all styles and seasons. You could be going to a unicorn party, holiday soiree, or a black tie event and Danni & Toni will have something for you. Scrolling through the website is so much fun… you will want to try everything out. You will also gain a whole new appreciation for easy-peasy nails.

Check out what Danni & Toni has to offer:

It’s time you throw away your toxic, risky products, and visit