Nailed It! This Sleek Little Tool Makes Home Manicures A Snap

I know you miss your favorite manicurist. But after you try this new nail tool, the temporary pandemic separation might become more permanent.

Meet the Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming Tool — a pretty little device outfitted with a patented oscillating head that tidies up nails and cuticles quickly while ridding your session of the burning sensation that’s common with classic spinning files.

Those classic files usually feature a pointed spinning head, but Bellasonic features shaping discs instead—four interchangeable ones that easily swap out thanks to magnetic design. There’s a disc for shaping the edges and tips of nails, one for smoothing ridges and scratches, one for buffing excess cuticles and smoothing the nail surface, and one that creates a shine so glossy you just might want to skip your polish and go au naturale. The file is also an easy way to rev up surface recovery after that last gel or acrylic experience.

Filing my nails and trimming cuticles has always felt like a chore I’d rather leave a professional to deal with. But the Bellasonic is so easy to use and so gentle, it feels a little less like work and a little more like me-time when I do sit down to take care of things. I’ve always especially hated dealing with cuticles, so really appreciate the fact that all I have to do is push them down and then buff them away. Where has this been all my life?

One important note—no matter how gentle it is, it’s still possible to get carried away. Make sure you’re not buffing your nails too thin, and that you’re using the appropriate disc for the area you’re working on.

In my opinion—what Apple did for the cell phone, Bellasonic just did for nail files. it’s sleek, intuitive to use, and takes every aspect of the experience into consideration.

The Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming Tool, $79.95

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