The Shiniest Nails Au Natural

You know the girls or guys with the most hydrated, well-kept, shiny nails that look like something from an ad? Yeah, neither do I… Well I didn’t until I became that girl, thanks to Bare Hands, created by Suzanne – a woman determined to make all people feel gorgeous with the nails they were born with. Thus, Bare Hands was born and I was able to get my hands (yes, pun intended) on The Mani Pedi Pairing., which is a simple kit with all the staples for soft, radiate, naturally-you nails, no polish required.

After a hot shower and nice scrub of my fingers and toes, I plopped onto my couch with some lemon water and “Gossip Girl” playing in the background. I took out the gorgeous foot file, which is made of glass with one side sandpaper to buff away any calluses. Moving back and forth – for about a minute or so– yielded a whole lot of dead skin cells and smooth heels. I repeated on the other foot, and then went in with The Polisher. Easy to hold in my hands, I buffed my toenails until they started to shine. Honestly – I was surprised. I never saw my nails so pretty, even with a top coat. The Polisher smooths the rigids from the nails, revealing something naturally beautiful. After a quick rinse in the tub, I added the balm on top to moisturize and protect my hard work.

Onto my nails… I reached for The Polisher once again. Buff buff buff and shine shine shine. It took less than ten minutes to achieve nails that looked like I was in the salon for hours. To hydrate my cuticles and nails, I dabbed on the Cuticle Oil for a glossy glow. It smelt of citrus, ylang ylang, and an earthy underbase. I instantly snapped a photo to show the groupchat – who all demanded I do a mani-pedi night that week. The results lasted for about two weeks with minimal touch-ups. Bare Hands is perfect for those of us who are over chipped polish and looking for something to bring out our natural beauty. Find the set here on their website.


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