No Rules: Just Red

The one thing I’ve always appreciated about the dipping of the thermometer is that the weather finally encourages more intense, dramatic and colorful looks. We no longer need to fear the dreaded smear of melting make-up (what’s worse, on the face or in the bag?) and dripping, sweat-stained faces. Finally we can graduate from pots of gloss (yes, Virginia – it IS okay to toss that now sandy-creviced tinted treasure; it had a good life at the bottom of your beach tote all summer) to something more serious. Something like… RED!

Anybody can wear RED. All it takes is two things: confidence and balance, in the overall effect.

Lip color is an obvious place to start. There are thousands upon thousands of options for lips featuring varying formulations, multiple textures, and millions of shades. Not sure where to start? Try DuWop Private Red, a lipstick reminiscent of the color-morphing lipsticks from the last century (that sounds so much more dramatic than just saying the 1970s and ’80s), Although it appears in the tube like a slightly brick-ish red, Private Red transforms into your personal, perfect red within about five minutes of application. “Red is a stunning classic, but it can be the hardest to wear. Daily, people ask how to find the best red for their coloring,” says Cristina Bartolucci, founder and Creative Director of DuWop. “Private Red offers a provocative answer to this question without the hassle of selecting the perfect shade from amongst an endless sea of choices.”

This super-silky lipstick glides on with the greatest of ease and feels light, yet has amazing staying power. MY Private Red actually ended up as a vibrant pink that lasted for hours and apparently continued evolving (i.e., I woke up the next morning with an electric Kool-Aid grin). Its proprietary formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments – annatto, hibiscus, and henna. Annatto lends a rich pigment base, while hibiscus flowers offer gentle antiseptic properties, and henna leaves behind a long-lasting stain. Hydrating beeswax, castor oil and Vitamin E keep the lipstick lightweight and emollient.

Suggested Sides for a Vibrant Lip: Try pairing a bold lip with a shimmery wash of color on the face. Try DuWop Angel Wash, a set of three sheer, long-lasting tints in Petal Pink, Delicate Coral and Shimmering Bronze Gold. All shades may be worn on face and lips, and Bronze Gold may also be worn on the eyes.

Available at

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner by Mattèse Elite uses innovative silicone to create a smear-proof and water-resistant, yet flexible film. Available in 12 colors from classic to bright, there are shimmering, glimmering options including Pink and Hot Pink, which look fabulous with a bold red lip.

Balance bore you? Prefer a sinful drama to an angelic romance? No problem! There are no real rules in make-up land, as long as you feel beautiful in the end. So, turn up the heat with a more torrid red, like Three Custom Color Specialists Majorca Lipstick. This creamy red with orange undertones will light you up in a delightfully unexpected way, and is bold enough to be center stage. That said, if you’re really looking to light up your night, why not bring your own simmering sunset? Pair Majorca’s paprika flame with a fiery eye color like Screaming Orange from Mattese Elite. Sweep this fabulous frost on your lids, and you’ll definitely add flame to the fire (not to mention, fans to the flame).

To order Majorca Lipstick, visit

Want to take it even further? Seek Matesse Elite’s Pure Color in Pure Red. This bold pigment can be used over foundation for an extreme blush, or dabbed on lips for a matte, stained effect or mixed with gloss for shine. A little goes a long way, though it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Tip: You don’t need a ton of color for a lot of drama. Sometimes a whisper is more effective than a shout. Mix Pure Red with a drop of foundation and paint tiny stars near the outer corners of eyes when you’re feeling quirky-romantic.

Matesse Elite retails exclusively at Ricky’s NYC. Visit Ricky’s flagship store at 590 Broadway (Between Houston & Prince) or visit

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