Once Bitten: Laura Mercier’s Bitten Lip Glosses

Laura Mercier‘s new Bitten Lip Glosses are typical Laura Mercier: classy, high end, sophisticated. Mercier products are classic and tend to not follow trends, and the new glosses adhere to that philosophy. They’re classic. While lip gloss is favored by ladies of all ages, especially the one writing this review, Laura Mercier’s new lip hugging Bitten Lips Glosses have universal appeal. Halleluia! They’re classic yet hip, without being hipster or having a short shelf life, in terms of their appeal. In one plastic tube, Laura Mercier has bridged a lip gloss generation gap, in more ways than one.

Let’s talk about the texture and shine factor first. The glosses don’t feel like an oil slick on your lips. The texture is creamy (like MAC’s divine new Lip Gelees) and they smell a bit like chocolate oranges, which is probably the only thing I didn’t really like about them. They don’t have any taste, but the choco-orange scent is very noticeable. Almost too noticeable. The buttery texture, however, is out of this world. The glosses are smooth and extremely moisturizing on your lips, which will make them perfect for Fall days when there is less moisture in the dry air.

Essentially, Bitten Lip Glosses are more like tinted lip balms than goopy glosses. They don’t give you a megawatt shine; they more or less stain your lips with a wash of color. Your lips will look like you’ve been velcroed to the lips of your beau for about 2 hours when you apply these glosses, which make you look healthy and naturally swollen. (Although there is no plumping action or agents in these glosses!) They’re perfect for late summer, when it’s still too hot to wear a lot of makeup. They give you just that right touch of color to brighten your face, and you won’t sweat them off. They’re not too heavy, either, for warmer days. They’re the perfect Summer-to-Fall transitional gloss that you can start slathering your lips with in August, and they will last you well into October and November.

Now, let’s talk about the color. In the tubes -thank god for the slanted applicator, which allows for the most precise application, something MAC hasn’t figured out yet with their tubes of clear Lip Glass – the colors are highly concentrated, but when you apply them, they go on deliciously sheer.

The color palette is distinctly “Fall,” full of berries, jeweled-towns, corals, nudes, and cool pinks. There’s Nude Lips, which is a coral in the tube, but a gorgeous, brownish pink on the lips. Tender Lips is plummy with a bit of shimmer that is ideal for all skin tones, and Baby Pink Lips are just that. It’s not a girlish pink; rather, it’s just a hint of color to complement and accent your natural lip shade. There’s also Healthy Lips, which has a slightly melony hue, with lots of shimmer, and Subtle Lips is delightfully berry.

So if you’re looking for a line of Summer-to-Fall glosses that work with lips of any age and size, then Laura Mercier’s Bitten Lip Glosses are more than for you.

Available at Nordstrom.

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