Parisian Style from the Plane to the Champs-Elysées

Travel can be invigorating but these days it is getting more and more important to pack light. If you are one of the lucky ladies who finds herself traveling to Europe this holiday season -specifically the city of lights – you will find many Parisian products that you’ll want to pick up.


But whether it is business or pleasure, you’ll need to get mileage out of the beauty products that you pack on your journey home. So pack light, and look for multitasking products in soft, shimmery, berry-based shades.


Before you board the plane: get your nails done because your 6×8 plastic bag is coveted space. One might like Dior Vernis (, which should last you all week without chipping. Try it in Dolly Pink.

For the eyes: Start with a base on a firm, taut eyelid. Dior’s Capture Totale is applied along the crow’s feet for a splash that will counter the effects of a long plane ride. Apply it just before you take a nap.

Next, apply Yves Saint Laurent Eclat de Givre Eye Shadow ( The moist powder sticks to the eyelid without creasing. Use a gold shade that will work either day or night. A little bit goes a long way, so the small container should last throughout your trip and leave plenty for later.

For mascara, pick up DiorShow. This mascara has a fine brush and doesn’t clump. Reapply extra coats if needed for a night on the town.

To frame your eyes, try a brow fixing gel like DiorShow Brow. With one swipe, you can comb your brows and keep them in place. This will keep them from spinning in all directions when you fall asleep on the plane.


If you want to pack a highlighter to look fresh, Dior also makes a beautiful compact, Detective Chic, you can use to sweep color over face and eyes.

Cheeks: Yves Saint Laurent makes a Touche Blush, which has a sponge inside that allows you to apply directly to the cheek without need for any additional tools. The product also has a mirror at the top for easy application.

Lips: A liner will help your color stay put when you need to apply makeup before a flight, and keep it on throughout your trip since it is getting harder to sneak lipgloss on the plane nowadays. A long-lasting lipstick in a neutral shade, like Dolce Vita Pink by Rouge Dior will act as a base for your gloss. Bourjois’s Effet 3D Lipgloss adds a smooth, non-sticky shine to your smile. Go for a rosy shade that will look natural (


Multitasking products: Dior Dazzle Palette covers cheeks, lips and eye with a mirror to boot. This little item is all that you need if you’re in a pinch while on the road.


Yves Saint Laurent makes a fashion makeup palette that looks like a bracelet but holds a secret inside — powder and two glosses that can be used on the eyes and the lips. It’s fashionable enough that it could also complement an outfit.

With all these cosmetic artillery waiting for you, a trip to the city of lights is more like a “lune de miele” – a honeymoon – for the beauty junkie. Bon Voyage, and may your travels be as chic as a true Parisienne!

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