Party Hearty: Showing Love for Your Bridesmaids

Is there anything more wonderful and enjoyable than being part of a wedding party? “Actually, yes”, you say, “up to and including oral surgery.” All right, fine. I was trying to be optimistic. Wedding parties are a lot of work and stress for everyone involved, and no matter how close you are to the bride, you will definitely want to choke each other at some point leading up to the big day. You’re stuck buying a ghastly dress that you can never wear again, the details of the wedding shower are driving you mad, and you think the groom is – how to put this delicately? – a bit of a jerk. Never fear, friends, for I have the solution: a party for the put-upon and down-trodden bridal party! With all the drama and stress that the entire party is dealing with, there is a definite need for some R&R to defuse the situation. So let’s take a little tour of some local spots that are ready and willing to help you chill with your homegirls.

[b]Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spas[/b] offer a myriad of pre-wedding packages. You can fully customize your party’s experience at the spa, and even place an order for hors d’oeuvres. Food, facials and fun, y’all! You can make arrangements for massages, facials, manicures and/or pedicures for all your girls. You can reserve a room (or even the entire spa, if you’re feeling obnoxiously VIP) to yourselves to properly and privately whoop it up. One of the benefits of reserving a private room is that you can choose your own music, which means that you can cheese it out with some Celine Dion, or get crunk with Lil’ Jon. It’s completely up to you, and no one but you and your friends will ever know of your secret shame! You can also request gift bags filled with Red Door skin and hair care samples to recreate your spa experience at home. As for your unfortunate friend who couldn’t find a babysitter, don’t worry. You can send her a gift certificate to enjoy at another time. Call 866-RED-DOOR to speak to one of Red Door’s spa coordinators so she can help you devise a stress-busting bridal party that your friends will absolutely love you for. You can also check out [url=][/url] to see a full list of locations, pricing, and more.

By the way, Red Door has a ton of other wedding-related packages, including some for the groom, because you know your raggedy man needs some pre-wedding buffing and polishing, too. You know how they tend to not do that sort of thing on their own, the way we do. Hmph. Boys.

[b]Three Custom Color Specialists[/b], pioneers in the custom-blended makeup biz, have a Flatiron District Color Studio where customers can have all their makeup needs tailored specifically for them. You can arrange for each of your bridesmaids to have their One-On-One Consultation with one of 3CC’s Color Specialists, so she can get advice based on her particular skintone. After all, that pink lip gloss that is so cute on the maid of honor is definitely not going to work for everyone! Thankfully, 3CC has 250 Ready to Wear shades to work with, as well as the ability to blend any of those colors for lips, eyes, cheeks, and face. If you can’t find a flattering color from 250 hues, you’re in some trouble, ladies. These intimate meetings start at $65 for an hour-long consultation. Bridal Makeup Services are available for the bride-to-be and her attendants, where all can recieve personalized advice from the experts and makeup application for special occasions. The hour-long consultation will run you $150 for up to two people and $65 per each additional person, which could get a bit pricey if you’ve been doomed with a large bridal party. 3CC also provides Evening Gatherings, where you can bust open a fine champagne (or a cheap one, if that’s what you dig) and unwind with the girls while you all get one-on-one professional beauty advice. The pricing and time allotment of the party is based on the number of attendees, so be sure to call ahead to discuss the details. To book an appointment at Three Custom Color Studio (located at 54 West 22nd Street, 3rd floor), call 888-262-7714.

A bridal party shindig is really just a way to remind yourselves of how much you love each other, in the midst of pure screaming chaos. You know the bride is a true friend when she asks you to wear a strapless melon-hued dress – with runching across the stomach, for God’s sake – and you smile and say, “Of course!” Now that ladies, is love!

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