Patrick Ta Major Glow Highlighting Mist

Setting sprays are the period at the end of the sentence that is your beauty look for the day. They can be used for a mid-day makeup refresh or as a moisture boost before bed. Some makeup lovers lightly spritz their brushes with ‘em so that the hairs pick up more eyeshadow pigment and intensify the hue when applied to lids.

Makeup mists have been increasing in popularity in recent years but Partrick Ta is taking the concept to the next level. Patrick Ta Major Glow Highlighting Mist delivers a cool, even blast of highlight to skin when sprayed six inches from the face. Shake the can and spray your visage for an extra icy and supremely dewy and highlighted finish. You can also spray the product on a densely packed Kabuki brush and apply that way for an airbrushed look. There are three shades and they work with all skin tones and all makeup looks.