Poke-A-Dot Makeup Organizer

What do you get the makeupista who has everything — as in, every black eyeliner, every curling mascara, every matte lipstick, and every cream blush under the sun? A Poke-A-Dot makeup organizer, that’s what! These multi-use organizers are customizable, thanks to the included dividers, which you can move around on the base grid so you can organize and fit your make as needed. It’s solutions storage; think of it as the product equivalent of Kim Kardsashian’s SKIMS line! You can grab several of the Poke-a-Dots and store your makeup easily. I often find that I purchase things I don’t need because I already have them — but I forgot that I bought them due to my storage system not being fully optimal. Using Poke-A-Dots has helped me to keep lippies with lippies, eyeliners with eyeliner, and so on! If you are super mega ultra organized, you can even start storing brands with brands. Everything you need is at hand and within reach.


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