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We’re about to usher a new decade in. With a new year and a new decade, of course, comes new trends in makeup to kick off said decade, so we at Beauty News decided to poll some of our favorite New York City makeup artists about what they think will be the leading trends in cosmetics in 2010, starting with the forthcoming winter. Gold shadow, green liner, bold eyes, less is more… that’s what the pros are predicting, so make notes when you head to the makeup counter and are starting to consider products for your 2010 look!

NYC-based celeb artist Christopher Drummond, who has worked with a variety of A-listers ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Jane Fonda, which is a true testament to his versatility, told Beauty News that gilded eyes and deep green liner will dominate winter and 2010!

Gold Eyeshadow: “It looks great on everyone, whether you use a small amount just to perk up the eyes or a large amount to glam up the look. Christopher Drummond Eye Shadow can be applied in a small amount with the finger tips for a beautiful ‘worn in’ look or it can be layered for more intensity.” Drummond’s loose shadow is the new gold standard to aid in creating this golden look.

Hydrated Skin: “Wind, cold and sun all damage the skin. Maintaining sky hydration is good to protect the skin and to allow for you to have healthy-looking, glowing skin. The Christopher Drummond Saude Pele Radiance Booster is an antioxidant-packed skin saving and hydrating power that does for your skin what the harsh weather doesn’t.”

Deep Green Liner: “It’s the perfect product for the commitment-phobic! It’s a shimmery, deep-green liner that is a great addition to the eyes without going full-out. It adds a dash of color without looking like you have too much color on.” Of course, he recommends his eponymous line’s Peacock shade. Going green has never looked so glamorous. Don’t be shy; go green!

Another New York City artist, Samantha Lennon, who works on everything from fashion photo shoots to music videos and films, revealed that winter 2010 trends are “definitely along the lines of avant garde mixed with ’80s.” She echoed Drummond’s sentiment, that green will be a focal point. Apparently, what’s old will be new again in the coming year.

Lennon said, “There are smoky eyes in blue and green, as well as blushes with purple hues. Eyebrows and lips are accentuated. Of course, there is the flawless, clean face which happens to be full-coverage matte with matte lips in nudes and reds.” A mix of drama and definition, sophistication and subtletly are on tap for the new year.

Lennon also offered her tips to achieving this dramatic look, saying, “Use stick foundation followed by powder for a fuller matte coverage, instead of a liquid one. Since the eye colors are cool –green, blue, and purple–and not all skin tones work well with cool colors. Also, keep in mind there is a tone of every single color out there for everyone. Try highly pigmented matte ones, not bright variations. Finish brows off with a powder or a brow pencil for definition.”

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