Q&A: Erin’s Faces Founder + Beauty Maven Erin Williams


1. What made you decide to create your own line of makeup and skincare for Erin’s Faces?

I was teaching a “how-to-do-your-makeup” class in NYC to women who would ask for makeup and skincare recommendations. I would give everyone a list, and each of my favorites was from a different company. My preferred foundation brush was $65 – the women in my class said “you’re out of your mind if you think I’m spending that on a brush!” So, I talked with a few different companies that made brushes, and tried about 40 samples until finally settling on my Foundation Brush that I actually liked even MORE than the one I had been recommending AND I was able to offer it at $25 instead of $65. Through that research I came across eyeshadow and powder brushes that I was able to offer for half the price of the ones I had been recommending but that were equally as soft and useful. I hadn’t had any intention of starting a proper line, just finding a suitable option for a foundation brush, but that’s what started the ball rolling. http://www.erinsfaces.com

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2. What’s your greatest challenge?

Choosing products with the right set of ingredients – I am so picky about what I put into my line – first it has to be cruelty-free, then it has to have a certain set of ingredients and then it actually has to work. Those three factors narrow the field considerably.

3. How did you settle on the name Erin’s Faces?

In a very uncreative way :) – I already had my makeup artistry business that was called Erin’s Faces. I was at lunch with a friend and brought up trying to figure out a new name for my product line. She said “why don’t you just keep your name Erin’s Faces – it still applies to everything you’re doing and then everything will be under one roof – makeup services as well as your product line” – it made sense so I stuck with the name.

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4. What’s your favorite product in the make-up line?

I love so many things but if I had to pick just one I’d go with the Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation. I had literally never been able to wear a foundation on a daily basis without breaking out from it. I can wear this one 7 days a week with no issue. It’s oil-free, has a physical sunscreen, is a medium-coverage so you can sheer it out or build it up depending on how your skin is doing that day and has 11 shades so it matches someone who’s as light as me to someone who’s as dark as Iman. Color-range was extremely important to me when choosing as I wanted it to be inclusive to as many women as possible.

5. What’s your favorite product in the skincare line?

It’s a toss up between the Clarifying Serum and the Peptide SPF 30. I love the Clarifying Serum because it’s an anti-aging product for oily/acne-prone skin which is HARD to find – most are too thick/heavy or target an older skin and make oily girls and boys break out. This one makes your skin feel amazing and is full of yummy things like Niacinimide, DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and White Tea – tons of anti-agers and anti-oxidants. I love The Peptide SPF 30 because it works for every skin type – it won’t break out oily folks and isn’t too drying on drier folks. It’s a physical sunscreen (no chemicals), is 86% organic, vegan AND has Matrixyl 3000 which is crazy good anti-ager. I use both the serum and the SPF every day.

6. What’s the toughest lesson you’ve had to learn as an entrepreneur?

That everything rests on me. If I don’t get up and make it happen, Erin’s Faces is going to flop. Which is awesome and is challenging. I’m the girl that gets to go on TV and talk about her products as a beauty expert one day and then is in PJ’s doing stock counts at home the next. Right now I’m small so I am the “hey girl” in the company – meaning “hey girl, fill these orders, write this blog, call this lab, etc.” But getting to choose lipgloss shades and sugar scrub smells are pretty good perks that balance the scales!

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7. How do you see makeup and skincare changing and evolving in the future?

Going green, green, green. Just like the organic food movement has picked up significant steam I feel like that is the wave of the immediate future for beauty. It’s currently easier to find “green” skincare than makeup but I feel like more and more people are asking for it and learning how to read the ingredient deck on their beauty products.

8. What’s your long-term goal for the company?
To be of service – to be useful – to have purpose. Which isn’t very specific – I know! – but it has to fit into that box. I do love the education component of what I do so a place like QVC, HSN, Evine Live – something like that – would be amazing to me as I would get to be personally educating my clients.


9. What’s the best advice you were given?

My dad has always said “your real job is to love people” – no matter what you’re doing – every day tasks, employment, anything – THAT’S my real job. So, that’s the goal with every thing I do – every item that’s added, every blog post I write, every time I work with someone one on one, that’s what I want to do – is just be loving. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy or that I always succeed! But that’s the goal.

10. What’s your mantra?

I want to educate and empower women (and men who use skincare!). That’s my motive in all of this. If it were just about making people pretty then that wouldn’t have enough purpose. So education and empowerment are my motive behind everything I do and every product I have.



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