Quick Fixes and Trade Secrets: Make Up Artists Weigh In!

In our hectic, everyday lives, we can expect make up malfunctions which force us to get creative with our products when we’re in a jam. We also strive diligently to recreate the gorgeous looks we see as we flip through the pages of fashion mags. That’s why we polled a slew of our friends who are make up artists and industry insiders and asked them to share their cheap yet chic trade secrets and quick fix tips for the modern woman on the go. You’ll never have to suffer through curl-free lashes or throw away a broken lipstick ever again!

Problem: You have fallout from smoky eye shadow and no time to re-apply your make up.
Solution: If excess shadow piles up under your eyes, Sarah Lucero, Stila’s Global Director of Education, suggests you “dip a clean Q-tip into a jar of eye cream and wipe away. Not only will this remove the fall out, it also rehydrates the under eye and preps the area in case you need to add a bit more concealer.” A two-fold tip, for sure!

Problem: You want to achieve the dewy, glossy eye look without the mess.
Solution: You can customize an instant eye glaze, says DuWup cofounder, Cristina Bartolucci. “Mix a richly pigmented eye shadow with lip balm for a gorgeously shimmering eye glaze. Mash the lip balm into the shadow until it forms a smooth paste. Then apply with your fingers all over the eyelid.” We tried this low maintenance technique – and it looked fab!

Problem: You’re suffering from a dull complexion, despite a good night’s sleep.
Solution: “Apply a chilled wet wash cloth to face before applying your makeup,” says Farrah Reid, a makeup artist for Blow, The New York Blow Dry Bar. “The cold will brighten your complexion and shrink your pores.” Viola! An instant, product-free, face brightener.

Problem: You’ve applied too much eye shadow or blush.
Solution: “Tone down cheek color by dusting some translucent powder, like BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder over your cheeks,” says Kacey Purifoy, International Make Up Artist for BECCA. “If you’ve overdone it on your eyes with a color that is too dark, or if you’ve applied too much, dust a lighter color on the eyes to tone down the dark color, or even dust with some translucent powder.” No need to take it all off and start over!

Problem: You forgot to curl your eyelashes.
Solution: Head to the kitchen, stat. Go to your silverware drawer and grab a spoon. Purifoy says, “In a pinch, a spoon can improvise as a fantastic eyelash curler. Just position the edge of the spoon over your closed eye, as close to the lash line as possible. Then, gently press your lashes against the spoon’s curve and hold for a few seconds. Repeat until your lashes are curled to perfection!”

Problem: You’ve broken your favorite lipstick.
Solution: According to Reid, broken lipsticks can be saved if you “roll the tube almost all the way up. Take the broken stick with a tissue and hold a lit match to the broken end of the stick for two seconds. Immediately put stick back into tube. Firmly but gently hold together for 10 seconds. Presto! Two becomes one.” This is one of the few times where fire fixes instead of destroys!

Problem: Cream blush does nothing for your oily skin.
Solution: “I love the way cream blush blends out on cheeks. But in the winter months, sometimes it feels too dewy or shiny. Especially when the rest of your make up is matte and strong”, says New York City make up artist Aura Schwartz, who works with individual clients as well as photo and commercial shoots! “There really is no need to run out and buy a new powder blush. Use cream blush and then take a blush brush and dip it into a bit of powder. Then tap the apples of your cheeks twice. Since the powder is just being placed over your blush, it reduces the shine of the cream while keeping your blush color intensity the same.”

Problem: You’re too heavy handed with eyeliner.
Solution: Schwartz picked this fix up from Molly R. Stern, one of her favorite artists. “Sometimes when applying liner, whether it’s pencil, powder or liquid, there ends up being too much product on the lash line,” says Schwartz. “Take a medium flat shadow brush and softly brush the line of shadow into your lash line. This will blend your eyeliner and give you a softer line.”

Problem: Red lipstick looks too harsh.
Solution: Again, Schwartz has a brilliant suggestion for toning down red lips for a softer, work – appropriate look. “If I try to put lipstick on with a brush, it is never strong enough. The best way to do it is to swipe the lipstick from the tube on the center of your bottom lip and then rub the ends out with your finger tips until it melds to the corner of your lip lines. Then repeat on the top lip. This gives you just the right amount of color for a bright pout that is not too overdone.” This’ll help create a customized, “work approved” red.

Problem: You’ve got dreaded deodorant “white lines” on your LBD!
Solution: Your grand fashion plans are not foiled just because you’ve stained your dark clothes with chalky deodorant marks. We recommend Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, a portable and stylishly packaged stain lifter with scalloped edges that buffs away those pesky deodorant lines in seconds.

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