Quick Fixes for September


Ah fall, the winds come, the leaves fall, and you have to deal with the fact that bronzer may not be the mainstay in your makeup wardrobe for about 9 months. Worry not – here are the things that will keep you up to date and give an easy transition.

MAC Plushglass Lip Plumper

Finally a lip plumper that won’t burn your lips off! MAC has the new Plushglass formula and they’ve enriched it with Vitamin E for a plumper that actually soothes your pout. Vanilla flavoring and a refreshing cool tingle are what you get instead of a peppery burn. Check out Fulfilled and Big Kiss for easy, neutral options.www.maccosmetics.com

Earth Therapeutics' Cuticles 1,2,3 Kit

Are your cuticles in need of an intervention? Earth Therapeutics has your answer to trim, nourish, and deep condition you in their Cuticles 1, 2, 3 Kit. Cuticle nippers, Cuti-Care Nail Elixir, and terry cloth Cuti-Cap Gel Sleeves will keep you unable to do any serious typing for about 30 minutes, but your nail beds will look so great you won’t mind all the work you missed. www.earththerapuetics.com

Dashing Diva's Bad Britney Burgundy

And speaking of nails, if you’re not quite feeling that whole black polish thing that seems to be sweeping the underfed young celebs and their nail varnish color of choice, go with a deep cream shade of wine (warmer than the Vamp years). Bad Britney Burgundy from Dashing Diva lets you have the fun without the drama. www.dashingdiva.com

Artemis Woman's Heel Smoother

Summer has done a serious number on the bottom of my feet with all the flip flop wearing and Artemis Woman’s Heel Smoother is literally the BEST thing I have found to get rid of the crustiness. With two heads (one for heels, one for toes) to blast away dead skin and ground in dirt, sorry but it’s there!, you can use it in the shower and come out clean as a daisy. www.artemiswoman.com

Tweezerman's Mirror Set

We know it’s all about the brow this season and in order to work that you’ve got to have the right shape. It’s easy to miss those teeny little hairs but with Tweezerman’s Mirror Set you’ll be able to spot them in record time and give them the boot of them with Tweezerman’s famous tweezers which are included. www.tweezerman.com

Tarte's "Some Like It Hot" Mini Lip Gloss Set

Tarte’s new Some Like it Hot Mini Lip Gloss Set is really just too much fun! All of the ten lipglosses smell and taste like cinnamon and you, yes YOU, get to pick how you want to put your glosses together. They’ve included three little double ended connectors so you can mix and match all you want – everything from sheer apricot to silvery deep mauve. www.tartecosmetics.com

Benefit's Weather Girl Palette

If creamy lips are more your bag than sheer, clear skies are ahead with Benefit’s Weather Girl Palette – inside you’ll find three lip creams in champagne, rose, and nude along with three neutral shadows to make your fall in autumn a safe one. www.benefitcosmetics.com

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