Quick Makeup Fixes to Thank the Gods For


November is generally the month you started listing what you were grateful for while wearing paper pilgrim hats in Kindergarten. Time flies by and, all of a sudden, it’s your 10-year high school reunion and you have to look gorgeous – sans hat. Biggest catch, you have only a weekend to prepare. Well, that was me anyhow this past month. But believe it or not, my arsenal of goodies to which I am eternally grateful, saw me through just fine!

We’ll get personal and start in the shower. You didn’t even buy me dinner! Anyhow, if you’re a sensitive girlie like me, you need to RUN to the drugstore and grab a King of Shaves blu Shaving Gel for Women (blu standing for bikini, legs, and underarms). My boyfriend loves their men’s line, and insisted I try the women’s. I am I glad I did – no razor burn, no drying foam, just smooth skin that’s bathing suit ready. http://www.drugstore.com.

Salon Bronze is a new airbrush system for tanning at home and it’s sooo easy! This is by far the most natural at-home tan I have every gotten. There are no streaks, it’s easy to use, smells like vanilla, and gives a honey tint to the skin – not orange. http://www.qvc.com.

Benefit’s Jiffy Tan is great as a shimmery bronze-tinted moisturizer for the body or to help diffuse debacles of at home tanning if you haven’t been following my suggestions! It is fragrance-free, and stays until you wash it off. http://www.benefitcosmetics.com.

So I admit I went a little overboard with all the sunkissed items, but follow that up with a little rub of Pout’s Afterglow onto your shoulders, collarbone, and up on the cheek and browbone as a highlight, and you are ready to see that high school crush again! http://www.sephora.com.

Now to the face. A great brow can frame your whole face but sometimes there just isn’t time to stop and have them done by the pros. Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer is my absolute favorite because the hand-filed tips grab every tiny little hair to give you a perfect arch. Nine color options also make it easy to find in your bag. http://www.tweezerman.com.

I literally wore Sue Devitt’s Cadiz Lipgloss every day of the week. It’s subtle enough to work with any outfit, yet gives amazing shine and staying power. Gorgeous! http://www.suedevittstudio.com.

Three Custom Color’s Cool Bronzer also made frequent appearances to even out the massive amounts of faux business I had going on from the neck down. Matte and natural, it’s perfect for running around or for the “dinner and dance” night. http://www.threecustomcolor.com.

I’m not sure that this is quite what our forefathers would celebrate a thanksgiving over but these quick fix items helped me feel like a princess that weekend. So thankful I am for that!

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