Rock Chick Chic: Alexa San Roman of Love, Robot Shares Her Five Rocker-Friendly Faves!

Credit: Sam San Roman

Alexa San Roman, the lead singer of on-the-verge Long Island rock band Love, Robot, has rocker chick chic down to a science. Often dressed in all-back, her look is a perfectly crafted combo of monochromatic yet edgy. It’s DNA distinct and the epitome of Lower East Side cool. She has become our new girl crush, thanks to her youthful, daring look.

Rocking out and performing live can be a dirty and sweaty business, but Alexa San Roman does it while looking to the heir to Joan Jett’s throne. Makeup meltdowns, while onstage? That is not an option. Therefore, Alexa shared five rocker-friendly products.

Late nights. Loud music. Dive bars and clubs. If these are your haunts and you want to craft your look for this scene, well, then you can easily employ Alexa’s tips and use her product suggestions.

Even if you never stepped foot inside such establishments, and don’t plan on it, you can still copy the accompanying style since it’s so freakin’ cool.

And yes, San Roman’s look involves lots of black eyeliner and mascara. Um, hello! This is “Rock Chick” chic we are talking about.

Her rundown of products is essentially the only shopping list for your next trip to Sephora.

Oh, and Love, Robot’s new album B.A.D. is out now. If you like alternative pop punk, then you will totally crush hard on Love, Robot. Hooks, guitars and heart! It’s ALL there.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation: “It’s such a great foundation that goes on easy and is actually designed to translate well on HD camera.” Remember, rock chicks are often photographed for magazines, web spreads, while performing and on video shoots, so a foundation that is meant for HD cameras is “must own!”

Sephora Black Eyeliner: “This is essential — black eyeliner is an everyday thing for me so I’m always re-applying before shows!” Black eyeliner is a commandment for rock chicks and it is one rule that Alexa San Roman does not break.

Benefit Cream Eye Shadow: “I really like the cream eye shadows instead of the powder ones. I find that this particular brand always usually stays on during shows. I like the dark colors like dark brown or ashy grey.” Eye makeup staying put in a hot club or venue – that’s Mission: Critical!

Sephora Mascara: “If I’m feeling like my eyes need to pop a little bit more. I’ll add mascara, usually for photo shoots or video shoots.” Note: Check out her gorgeous hazel eyes, lined in black. #Staring.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Perfume: “I always put on perfume to complete my look. Although you can’t necessarily see it, I always feel like getting ready is complete after a quick spritz!” We get it. You need one final “piece” to pull the whole thing together and perfume is it.

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