Sara Happ Confetti Scrub Lip Scrub Tube

Sara Happ is the queen of lip scrubs and glorious grit. Her potted sugar scrubs are decadent, delish, and will leave you with the softest lips in all the land. They slough off dry, chapped, and flaky skin and leave you with a supple pucker. The tube scrubs in Confetti Cake and Lemonade are perfect for on-the-go exfoliating and while traveling.

Summer heat, sun, and wind can be just as brutal on your lips as the dry and bitter winter air so you need to exact the same standard of care. Just swipe the tube over your lips four or five times, rub them together, and wipe away the excess with a tissue. In addition to the sweet and sugary smell and taste, you will be left with an ultra-hydrated and healthy pout.

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