Shape Up Your Brows at the Amy Kernahan Studio



One of Amy Kernahan’s clients surveyed her new brows in the mirror and marveled, “Oh my god! This will change my life!” Such is the treatment you’ll get at the Amy Kernahan Studio on the Upper East Side, only a tweezer’s throw from Central Park.

Sounds dramatic, but the new, clean arch on a formerly-dull set of brows truly can impart sophistication and charm that were previously missing. I’m a case in point. My brows were washed out, unshaped, fuzzy and thick, but after Kernahan’s magical tweezing, shaping, filling in and tinting, they suddenly spoke well for me – and with a slight French accent.

Slightly reminiscent of a warm, friendly Angelina Jolie, Kernahan loves her work and enjoys learning about her clients’ lives. She aptly tailors her brow and make up treatments to suit a client’s lifestyle and tastes. She can impart a dramatic, diva brow or a conservative, subtle brow treatment; the choice is yours. She believes the brow is the focal point of the face, and sometimes finds herself wistfully staring at someone on the street or subway, knowing full well how much better they would look if she had a go at them. She specializes in micropigmentation (permanent makeup), make up artistry and brow shaping, and also offers waxing and tanning services at her studio in private rooms.


Kernahan’s expertise earned kudos from Allure, Boston magazine and the Jewish Press, and her client roster includes Andie MacDowall, Jules Asner, Kaitlin Wachs, Kathy Hilton, George Foreman and Antoine Fischer. With more than a decade of experience as a professional makeup artist, she’s done it all: photo shoots, runway shows, commercial work and even a stint as the National Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder. She’s noted for her clean and classic approach to beauty, which translates to a completely natural look.

Micropigmentation is useful for those who have lost hair for medical reasons, for those who have unsteady hands or poor eyesight, for people who have thin eyebrows, or for anyone who wants makeup to remain on while swimming, traveling or camping. If you never want to fill in your brows again, you might want to consider this procedure – especially in the hands of this consummate professional.

Feel free to book a consultation at 212-772-2501, and check out Kernahan’s website at Her address is: The Amy Kernahan Studio, 3 East 66th Street, suite 2B, conveniently close to the N train and Barney’s.

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