Shimmer 101

(Erica Lytton also contributed to this article)

If the idea of putting shimmer on your face conjures up mental images of a teenybopper or have you convinced you’ll feel like you need to powder your nose, take a deep breath! The concept, you’ll be happy to know, has evolved. As with so many other things in life the key is Location, Location, Location! The new way of using shimmer is strategic – you get to pick either eyes, lips, or cheeks and keep the rest matte. Also keep in mind that product quality has come such a long way in the past few seasons, and the finely milled integration of shimmer is so much classier than the face spangles of your nightmares.

During New York’s Fashion Week this September makeup artists galore created balancing shimmer and matte textures. For example, Charlotte Tilbury created a glossy, golden eye and paired it with a matte lip for Alice Temperley’s show using MAC. Eddie Funkhouser lined the model’s eyes on the inner rims with a metallic silver pencil coupled with a stained lip, all from his own line, at the Victor de Souza show. If that sounds a little too extreme, we’ve found three easy additions to your makeup wardrobe to give it some spice.

Some of the most impressive eye shadow combinations we’ve seen as of late are housed in Smashbox’s Fusion Soft Lights in Smashing Intermix. The stripes of gold, brown, pink, and bronze give both silky matte and shimmer options. They allow you the freedom to use a matte shade as a base color on the lid and then use a wash of shimmer all over or to highlight the brow bone – the possibilities are endless! Go to for more information.

For a beautiful soft sheen on the lips try your favorite matte or sheer lipstick and top it with one of Laura Mercier’s new Lip Glaces. They have a high shine finish and no one, I repeat, no one is too old to wear lip gloss. Turn on 20/20 and Barbara Walters pout is shining and isn’t from the stage lights. Take a cue from her pick up Champagne for a nude beige shimmer or for a shimmery peachy pink try Peach Chiffon, both from Laura Mercier at

Stila’s All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer is your answer in a pinch. It can work anywhere – eyes, lips, body, but we’re looking at it specifically for your cheeks at the moment. After applying your favorite blush, dab the included brush so you have three little dots along your highlight of your cheekbone (right under your eye from the outside of the iris to about the corner of your eye) and blend. The result is subtle but reflects light to “distract” from fine lines and soften features. Think of it as a soft focus lens or someone walking around in front of you with candles. And no, you can’t take a bath in it. We’re picking one place remember? Restraint. See for more.

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