Easy, Expert Skincare Tips from Rochelle Jacobs

Rochelle Jacobs, beauty expert and co-creator of Naturally Serious, a green friendly line, shares these expert skincare tips:

#1: A good cleanser is an extremely important component to a year-round skincare routine. Use a cream cleanser during the fall and winter months to bring additional moisture to your skin while exfoliating.

The Naturally Serious Major Moisture Gentle Cream Cleanser exfoliates your skin with pomegranate enzymes and brightens it with licorice root extract. The moisturizing formula contains nourishing coconut oil to remove makeup, excess oil, and impurities. Use morning and night.

#2: After a summer full of sunscreen and perspiration, you need to remove layers of buildup and dead skin cells. The Naturally Serious Get Even Cold-Pressed Peel Pads are a fantastic solution, naturally exfoliating your skin with pomegranate enzymes, skin-smoothing oleic, and palmitic and linoleic fatty acids. The pads are cold pressed, just like your favorite green juice, to maintain optimal efficacy. Use in the morning and after the gym.

#3: Exfoliation is imperative when it comes to repairing and brightening your complexion. Even sensitive skins will enjoy the Naturally Serious Fruit-Tox Resurfacing Facial Remedy (2-3 times a week). Mineral-rich red clay detoxifies the skin while volcanic pumice draws out all of the dirt, oil, and impurities left over from your summer outdoor escapades. The result? Silky smooth skin for an everyday glow.

#4: Finally, when the weather begins to cool, it’s important to incorporate a daily cream that builds a moisture barrier in your complexion. Your skin will love the Naturally Serious Skin Warrior Anti-Pollution Repair Cream that packs ingredients like magnolia and mangosteen to help defend against environmental skin damage and premature aging. You’ll savor the floral natural scent that leaves you smelling so fresh and pungently lovely.

All the products are green friendly, with no B.A.D. ingredients. They use cutting-edge technology and powerful natural ingredients and antioxidants. The Carton is made with wind power. See how your skin can naturally look beautiful this fall!

Find all the products at https://www.naturallyseriousskin.com/ and Sephora stores.