An Ayurvedic Botanical Skincare Routine to Conquer “Macne” (Mask Acne)

Wearing a mask causes friction on the skin that can affect your skin’s appearance and well-being. If you suffer from skin flare ups or acne because of wearing a mask, these skin healers by the luxurious Ayurvedic and herbalist skin care line M.S Skincare will help your skin navigate the pandemic’s challenges while protecting your skin with nature’s most efficacious treatments.

First wash your face with MS Skincare’s Mantra, an herbal based, foam cleanser with a potent combination of Ayurvedic clarifiers such as holy basil, turmeric, neem oil and anti-microbial red seaweed. Rose oil and aloe ensure all traces of make-up are removed while keeping skin hydrated and supple. Nab it HERE.

Next, tone your face with the MS Skincare’s Sofia Rose Mist, a potent  botanical skin healer made with the antioxidant-rich power of roses and plant oils. It refreshes your skin when heat is unbearable, supporting collagen production and bringing about elasticity and luminosity. The roses used in the formula come from the heart of the renowned Rose Valley, just outside of Sofia, Bulgaria. They are steam distilled to make the base of this super light skin softening mist unlike any other. A superior skin refresher! Try it HERE.

After misting your complexion, moisturize it with one of MS Skincare’s plumping face oils such as M.S Skincare Illume or M.S Skincare Mogul for dry /dehydrated skin, M.S Skincare Luminary for normal skin, or M.S Skincare Dignitary if your skin tends to be oily.

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, M.S Skincare Mogul is a powerful blend of botanical oils that will firm the skin. Frankincense and rosehip oils are recognized for cell regeneration, minimizing age spots, reducing uneven skin pigmentation and lessening the appearance of fine lines. Rose and macadamia nut oils hydrate and support natural moisture retention. Rich without being heavy, this deeply penetrating moisturizer is available HERE.

M.S Skincare is a woman-owned enterprise with sustainable and ethical practices.  Ayurvedic principles and Western Herbalism are blended to bring the most powerful botanicals to create healthy radiant skin. Follow this routine every day if your skin is prone to irritation, acne or other problems due to heat and mask-rubbing.You’ll be thoroughly impressed by the super fine, feather-like, luxurious formulas that leave no heavy residue, yet perfect the surface almost on contact.  

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