Anti-Aging Superstars

From a queen bee’s royal jelly to resveratrol and beyond, each of these skincare lines showcase a superstar ingredient in their face cream that sets it apart from the pack. I tested two of the latest innovative entries in the skincare scene to see what they were made of.

Bee beautiful

There’s a Celtic legend that you’re supposed to tell the bees about good news and important events, marriages, births, and the like. So tell your local bees about Manuka Health Eternal Renewal Regenerating Face Cream with Royal Jelly & Bee Venom. They’ve got to hear the buzz (sorry!) about this sumptuous, intensely nourishing cream made from Royal Jelly, Bee Venom, and MGO 800+ Manuka Honey. (MGO is a natural compound in Manuka nectar that gives honey antibacterial qualities.) Royal jelly is rich in proteins, lipids, amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and enzymes and is a queen bee’s secret to living 40 times longer than her average middle-manager worker bee. That means it’s an amazing resource for healthy aging and protecting your skin. This face cream is exceptionally rich and velvety. Plus, it’s not sticky at all despite featuring New Zealand’s own Manuka Honey on its ingredient list. I only needed a pea-sized amount to feel its regenerative and anti-aging benefits. It’s super luxe and smells heavenly. You’ll feel like a queen bee applying it morning and night. Be sure to check out Manuka Health’s Nourishing Lip Balm with Royal Jelly & Elderberry, too.


The best resveratrol

Amruth Anti-Aging Facial Cream offers much more than what you see at the surface. It features leading-edge skincare technology that stabilizes Resveratrol, a polyphenal found in red wine grapes, berries, and more. Why is resveratrol good for your skin? It’s a powerful topical anti-oxidant that fights the good fight against UV damage and the effects of pollution (the rotten stuff that causes wrinkles). Amruth’s patented BioDendrimer™ Resveratrol Complex, increases the efficacy and lifespan of resveratrol so it can penetrate deeper into the skin’s cells to improve radiance and deter wrinkles. Amruth claims its resveratrol lasts 60 days longer than other resveratrol products. This is a light and gentle cream, which my sensitive skin loved and felt firmer after application. The jar is also brilliantly designed with a pump dispenser that gives you the absolute Goldilocks amount of cream you need. It’s great—you never waste the product. Cheers to anti-aging and the gorgeous power of red wine grapes.