Avenoir Cosmetics Blends Skincare and Science Effortlessly

It’s a tiresome chore jumping back and forth between skincare brands, looking for that one product that’s perfect for you. Maintaining healthy, beautiful skin may be a hard science, but luckily Avenoir Cosmetics is here to help make it easy… thanks to science, that is!

From a state-of-the-art research facility to a team of skincare professionals, Avenoir Cosmetics have formulated their products using only the best scientifically proven ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. At the heart of their formula is their own Cell Repair Nutrient™, which was created with the same nutrients that are used for growing stem cells. The result is a unique formula that has over 2500 proteins, cytokines (proteins that support inflammation and other immunities in the body), and growth factors.

Notably, the natural growth factors have been shown to repair damaged or uneven skin as quickly as two days, with most users citing a significant difference within two weeks of consistent use. These growth factors, which are proteins that help your skin produce collagen, elastin, and other substances that are beneficial for seamless, youthful skin, can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and help improve skin texture and tone.

Avenoir has also developed their line of products with every skin type in mind. In an effort to be inclusive and help everyone and anyone look their greatest, Avenoir Cosmetics has tasked themselves making their formula work on all skin types and skin tones. With the winter season also in full swing, Avenoir products will especially come in handy to fight against the cold weather and its drying effect on skin. Thanks to the rejuvenation and boosting effects of their scientifically proven formula, Avenoir nourishes the skin, fighting that freeze-dried feeling your face gets from the cold breeze and even repairs the dreaded blemishes sometimes associated with the constant wearing of face masks.

The Avenoir Cosmetics line includes Avenoir Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength and Avenoir Cell Repair Moisturizer, both created to help maintain healthy skin. Thanks to its overall ability to improve skin texture and appearance regardless of skin type or tone, Avenoir has created unique skincare products to help all of us be our beautiful, radiant selves. That’s the benefit of #BeautyScience!

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