Bags Begone! Banish Dark Undereye Circles Forever

There are some areas on your face that defy cosmetic intervention. Like the evil Sauron in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, they cannot be vanquished by anything less than an army of products and procedures. Under eye circles is one of those blighted curses that make you look tired and lifeless even if you’re not. Since the skin beneath your eyes is thinner than an onion layer, it is more delicate and more difficult to treat and moisturize. Also, genetics typically play a large role in determining whether you’ll be the recipient of dark under-eye circles.

However, there are ways to help you fight this battle. We’ve tested several under eye creams and here are our recommendations:

1. Hylexin


This little tube should be in every girl’s cosmetic cabinet. We think it’s the best eye cream on the market when it comes to treating dark circles. Hylexin addresses the oxidation of the blood in the capillary matrix beneath the eyes. It strengthens the capillaries that leak blood and help remove the causes for the black and bluish tint. It also decreases puffiness dramatically within a week.

2. Relastin Eye Silk


This works wonders for wrinkles and crow’s feet, but it also markedly improves dark circles and puffiness. Relastin contains elastin, which is critical for youthful skin because it is the key to enable skin to “bounce back” from wrinkling and sagging. Eye Silk is true to its name and glides on effortlessly. Clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in reducing puffiness and dark circles by 30% and 21% respectively.

3. Awake Eye Concentrate Mask


This mask uses the most advanced eye patch material (similar to one’s own skin) that contains soybean extracts that boost collagen supply. Leave the mask on for ten minutes and watch the appearance of dark circles and puffiness disappear almost immediately. Plus it has a cooling effect and it’s fun to use.

4. Anew Clinical Eye Lift (by Tallulah Dumonde)


Anew Clinical Eye Lift is the instant gratification girl’s dream come true, and the methodical pragmatist’s life saver.

The upper eye gel formula has a “Dimensional-Lift Technology” that, from the first use, lifts and tightens skin to help minimize the appearance of sagging or droopy lids. The effect is cumulative and something like 90% of the women who tried the product said that their lids showed a marked change in firmness over a period of weeks. We fell happily in that overwhelming majority.

The under eye cream uses “Derma-Refine Technology” that apparently stimulates the under eye area helping to rid that sensitive skin of dark circles and fine lines. The nutrient-rich formula actually accelerates the cellular metabolism, which apparently (over time) means that the skin under your eyes is actually moving in the opposite direction as aging skin. Yep…anti-aging.

5. Medique Beauty Pads

Developed by a plastic surgeon, these beauty pads are contoured to fit each eye and are replete with botanical extracts. The pads not only diminish lines and wrinkles, but help reduce puffiness and dark circles after a week. The only drawback is that you need to wear them for a half hour, but that’s a perfect excuse for a catnap!

6. Epionce Renewal Eye Cream


This rich cream works quickly to hydrate and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The product also uses soft-focus technology to scatter and diffuse visible light and makes imperfections less visible. We recommend using Epionce in conjunction with another eye cream like Hylexin for maximum benefits.