Bee Beautiful

Honey is the main ingredient in the soothing, skin smoothing Honeyactive Beauty Mask sold by the AveSeena skincare brand. I’ve always enjoyed using honey-based masks on my skin and this is by far the richest and thickest honey-based beauty mask I’ve ever used.

AveSeena includes a small silver applicator that I use to scoop the thick, gloppy mask out of its glass jar container. Then, and this is a very important step that you must not miss: I warm the mask between my fingertips before spreading it over my face and neck.

Does this beauty mask work? My experience using it is highly positive. It works well as a calming, exfoliating mask that leaves my sensitive skin looking refined and feeling baby soft. It smells like honey infused with cocoa. Cocoa, along with botanical oils and kaolin are a few of the key ingredients.

Because this is a waterless mask that does not dry out, it takes a bit more effort to rinse it off. Leaving honey residue behind will attract dirt that can clog your pores.

The Good Face Project gave the Honeyactive Beauty Mask a five-star rating! If you are a fan of honey-based beauty products, you should not hesitate to try this luxuriant beauty mask with a sweet, honeyed fragrance.


Rachelle Nones


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