Ben Fuchs REALLY Explains the Whole Truth About Retinol and Vitamin C

The first time I met pharmacist and cosmetic chemist Benjamin Fuchs, I was absolutely blown away by his passion and knowledge of skin care, pharmacy and vitamins. He’s a walking wiki of anything that affects our skin, inside and out. It was this passion that led him to create Truth Treatments Skin Care products, which contain 100% pure good-for-you functional ingredients – no fillers, preservatives, fragrance or silicone. After using Truth Treatment products, I saw immediate improvement and had to find out more about the products and the man behind the brand.

BN: Ben, how did you get into skin care?
BF: I started studying dermatological medicine in pharmacy school and became fascinated with the skin’s built-in healing systems. Shortly after I graduated I opened up a skin care pharmacy dedicated to helping people address common skin health issues like eczema, acne, post-surgical recovery and aged skin. My Truth Treatments represent the culmination of everything I’ve learned over thirty-two years as a skin care compounding pharmacist treating thousands of patients.

BN: What makes Truth Treatments different?
BF: I formulated Truth Treatments in my compounding pharmacy as prescription products to restore health to severely wounded and damaged skin — from burns, surgery and skin health issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema. Truth Treatments utilize this same technology to treat and transform aged, dry and wrinkled skin. Truth Treatments deliver prescription strength healing formulas without a prescription for daily use, restoring the skin’s health, youth and radiance.

Truth Treatments contain ONLY 100% active and functional ingredients that transform skin damage by actually healing the skin to create visible change. Our products have an innovative, transdermal matrix system to ensure stable ingredient delivery and potency. On first application you will see improved circulation and immediate hydration. With continued use, results keep getting better: skin gets smoother, and texture and tone are visibly improved.

Truth Treatments contain essential nutritional ingredients that mimic your skin’s natural ability to heal allowing it to restore itself from life’s daily stressors and environmental assaults. Truth Treatments are made without wax, silicone, emulsifier, thickener, oil, preservative or fragrance.

BN: I thought that Retinol had to be prescribed by a doctor? How is yours an over-the-counter (OTC) Retinol? Is it weaker than prescription strength?
BF: As a compound pharmacist for 30 years, I’ve figured out how to stabilize the fragile retinol molecule. Truth Treatments 5% Retinol Gel is the only OTC Retinol product formulated to be equally as potent to the standard concentration of prescription retinoic acid that you can get without a doctor’s prescription. And what’s even better, is that it also contains an extraordinarily high concentration of Vitamin C, which is the skin’s 2nd most important topical nutrient. Truth Treatment’s vitamin C is not made from ascorbic acid, which is the cheapest and least effective form of Vit C.

BN: Since Truth Treatment products contain no waxes, fillers, preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers, how exactly do I use them?
BF: Because Truth Treatments are made with ONLY 100% active and functional ingredients, they are highly concentrated and just a little goes a very long way. For best results apply a tiny amount to clean, damp skin. It’s important that the skin is damp. For maximum penetration, massage and drive product into your skin using upward circular motions until completely absorbed.

BN: Since your products contain only 100% active and functional skin benefiting ingredients, does that make them heavy?
BF: When used properly (small amounts), Truth Treatments are not heavy. Your skin will feel softer and smoother but not weighed down. Since Truth Treatments are highly concentrated if they do feel heavy you’re using too much. Truth Treatments should absorb quickly and weightlessly into your skin.

BN: Your products are expensive.
BF: Perhaps, it depends on your perspective. Because Truth Treatments contain ONLY 100% functional and active ingredients, you use less product to achieve better results. On a per-use basis, Truth Treatments actually cost less than other products because those are made using only about 5-10% active ingredients and 90-95% fillers like oil, glycerin, water, wax, silicone and preservatives — none of which provide skin benefits or results. Also, Truth Treatments last a long time.

BN: Can you use Truth Treatments around your eyes?
BF: Yes! Truth Serum and Truth Balm can be used around the eyes to help repair, refine and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Keep in mind that dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are not skin conditions, they have more to do with blood circulation and inflammation. So a combination of Truth Treatments, exercise, nutritional supplements and a healthy diet will improve both puffiness and dark circles. Puffy eyes are NOT a skin condition.
(NOTE: Truth Retinol Gel and Omega 6 Healing Cream are not formulated to be used around the delicate eye area.)

BN: Can I mix and match Truth Treatment products?
BF: Yes! We encourage it. Use the products alone or layered as needed. For example, if your skin is feeling dry and needs more hydration, layer Omega 6 Healing Cream over any other Truth product.
You can also use Truth Serum and Retinol Gel together as they work synergistically to effectively amplify the benefits of each other.

BN: Are certain Truth Treatments for day or night? Can you be a little more specific?
BF: Sure…..
Truth Serum — is a daily hydrator designed for morning use. Its anti-inflammatory effects are perfect for reducing puffy morning skin and eyes.
Omega 6 Healing Cream — is so multi-functional it can be used day or night as often as you like. Use when needed wherever healing is required due to dry skin, irritation, burns, cuts or scrapes.
Retinol Gel and Truth Balm — both utilize my vitamin and delivery system technology, TDM, that I perfected in my pharmacy for use in prescription skin products. Both are formulated to work overnight to continuously release concentrated ingredients and active nutrients deep into the skin aiding in repair and recovery as you sleep.

BN: What exactly is the TDM?
BF: The TDM or Transdermal Delivery Matrix is a technologically driven delivery system that allows the skin to absorb and use the active, concentrated ingredients in Truth Treatments. The TDM exemplifies The Truth’s transformative approach to ingredient delivery for better efficacy and performance that are the foundation of all Truth Treatments

BN: What do you think is your most multi-functional product?
BF: Wow, that’s a good question. I would have to say Omega 6 Healing Cream because it’s so versatile. I created the formula to help speed recovery for post-surgical healing, burn victims and other skin health issues. When I saw how effective it was at healing seriously traumatized skin, I knew it would be effective on chapped, irritated and dry skin and help heal rashes, minor cuts and sunburns, making it a very useful product in anyone’s medicine cabinet. I just love how it heals everything from head to toe! And with the change of seasons it’s always my go-to Truth Treatment. When any part of me (or my family) is in need of fast, immediate care and relief this what I grab.

BN: Do your products work on skin discoloration and dark spots?
BF: Yes, definitely. Improvement in skin tone is one of the biggest differences you will see when using Truth Treatments.
Retinol Gel works as a great spot treatment to dissolve and remove stubborn dark spots or as a dramatic all over facial treatment used twice weekly to loosen dead dull skin cells. When used as directed, once or twice weekly, Retinol Gel is about as close as you can get to a professional skin treatment without going to the dermatologist.
With daily use, Truth Serum and Truth Balms’ anti-aging benefits refresh and brighten skin, fading discoloration and improving overall skin tone. With continued use, signs of environmental and sun damage fade and skin looks more youthful and fresher.

BN: What product do you recommend for sensitive skin? And can sensitive skin use Retinol?
BF: All Truth Treatments are ideal for sensitive skin because my approach contains no fragrances, fillers, oils or preservatives.
Unless your skin is extremely reactive, even sensitive types will benefit from Truth Retinol Gel. Start by applying one dose every 14 days. Then, you may want to increase the frequency to once or twice a week. A little Retinol Gel goes a very long way. It should be used sparingly on damp skin and massaged in well.
Some dryness and flaking can be expected. If added hydration if necessary, use Omega 6 Healing Cream to further aid in moisturizing, restoring and repairing skin.
When used as directed, Truth Retinol Gel also improves the appearance of blemishes.

BN: I can only buy one product which product would you recommend?
BF: That’s a hard question! It depends on the results you want but Truth Serum is my choice because it corrects discoloration, minimizes wrinkles, firms, tones and after just one use leaves skin looking super healthy. It’s made with lots of lipophilic Vitamin C and contains cholesterol, which is a valuable skin moisturizer and underused anti-aging ingredient. Upon first application you will see its anti-inflammatory effects de-puff morning skin and eyes. Skin circulation is improved. Skin looks rejuvenated and glows. Truth Serum works to prevent sun and environmental damage, repair fine lines and wrinkles and fade skin discoloration to improve brightness, tone and texture all day. Makeup goes on smoothly and flawlessly.

BN: Last question, where are you when you’re not working?
BF: You can find me rocking out to techno music in clubs around Colorado!

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Benjamin Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist and has been compounding custom medication, formulating nutritional and skin care products and consulting with doctors and patients for over 30 years. He is an accomplished speaker and for the past 22 years has been lecturing nationwide on the importance of the strategic use of cosmetics and nutritional supplementation for healthy skin and bodies. Mr. Fuchs is recognized nationally for his work as the on-air pharmacist/nutritionist host of the “The Bright Side” radio program, and has been a guest on numerous alternative health radio programs.


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