Besoma Beauty’s Easy-Peasy Sun Protection

Besoma’s Beauty lightweight Beauty Sunscreen melts into skin like butter, protecting it from sunlight, blue light damage, and pollution. With SPF40, it’s the GOAT of hybrid sunscreens. Here are a few reasons to love it:

– It’s packaged in a sleek case with a swivel cap that easily dispenses enough sunscreen for a single application while preventing spillage and waste.

– The dermatologist-tested 8% zinc oxide formula is made in the USA.

– It’s vegan, cruelty-free and reed-free, providing skin with a gorgeous glow.

– It can easily double as a light foundation on make-up free days.

What’s both weird and wonderful about this sunscreen is that its Tungsten-strength formula is super protective, yet lightweight and silky on your skin. Best yet, Besoma’s multitasking physical barrier/chemical sunscreen is packed with vitamin C and peptides to coddle skin without the addition of irritating artificial fragrances.

Is it possible to love a sunscreen? Yes. It is!

Price: $45
Available: HERE


Rachelle Nones

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