Black Girl-Approved Skincare

Conscious and clean skincare has been on the rise, but a lot of the time it is truly just marketing. Not Undefined is a Black female-owned skincare brand that does it all. Their cruelty free, non-toxic, plant-based, and inclusive brand makes clean products for all budgets. I’ve been keeping this collection in rotation and here are my thoughts:

R&R Cleanser
To get a clean base, I go in with R&R Cleanser. This gentle cleanser is formulated with aloe, green tea, and niacinamide to balance the skin and clean pores. I squeeze a little into my facial brush and it froths into a micro bubble lather. It isn’t too stripping yet cleans any traces of makeup, dirt, and sweat.

There are an assortment of serums I mix and match depending on the time of day.

For a lightweight option I reach for R&R Hydro Jelly that contains peptides, ashwagandha, gotu kola, reishi which all assist in strengthening and soothing the skin. Especially after long days in the sun, I slather this on for a cooling effect. R&R Hydro Jelly has been a game-changer in my skincare routine.

R&R Day Serum
To help remove dark spots, I dab on R&R Day Serum. This fragrance-free serum is lightweight with a rich texture and works overtime with ingredients such as vitamin C, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, and purslane. An acne scar I had from a nasty break out faded within a week of constantly using this and in two, faded completely. I love the bottle as a decor piece on my counter, to boot!

R&R Night Serum
After long days of facing the public, my skin can feel parched and tired. This R&R Night Serum comes to the rescue with carrot seed, moth bean, and bakuchiol to hydrate any dry patches and protect my skin while I sleep. Simply add a few drops to my fingertips and pat into my skin, the texture is a bit thicker than the Day serum but just as lightweight. In the morning I wake up to a glowy complexion and all smiles.

R&R gel-crème
To seal in my serums, I go in with R&R gel-crème. This hybrid is perfect for all skin types, especially my combo skin that is always struggling. The HA, shea butter, vitamin e, and niacinamide aid in restoring the skin barrier and protecting against free radicals. I add a pea size amount to my fingertips, dot it over my skin, rub it in, and wait for a few moments before adding my sun serum for the day. If it’s night, I add a bit more of the R&R gel-crème to my under eyes and nose area, which often becomes really dry. This cream is a dream come true.

R&R Sun Serum
Sunscreen is a vital part of any skincare routine, and Undefined has formulated a Black girl-friendly SPF that doesn’t leave a white cast. Made with zinc oxide 12%, niacinamide, tremella mushroom and SPF 50, it sinks into the skin seamlessly. I wore this while volunteering outside for three days straight in 80-degree weather. The R&R Sun Serum held up and fit perfectly in my fanny pack. It’s a must-have for this summer!


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