Skin Care for People Living with Cancer

Dr. Lacouture’s Skin Care Guide for People Living with Cancer
The good news, or rather the great news, is that more and more people are surviving cancer and going on with their lives. However, many are suffering with very bad skin reactions from their surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. While some go though treatment with only minor side effects, for others the unexpected side effects can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. I recently attended a panel discussion about post cancer skin care hosted by Eau Thermale Avene and met Dermatologist Dr. Mario E. Lacouture, who’s affiliated with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and wrote the book, Skin Care Guide for People Living with Cancer. Dr. Lacouture is an oncodermatologist and a respected expert on post cancer skin care treatment and explains that a patient’s oncologist is devoted to getting rid of the cancer, not to how their skin looks or reacts from treatment. His book gives insightful information on post surgery scars, and how to take care of yourself before, during and after chemo and/or radiation treatment. Along with information about skin issues such as acne, scarring, lumps, discoloration, itching, and extreme sensitivity, the book also provides information on hair loss, hair transplants, brittle and/or discolored nails, mouth sores, as well as issues that affect children. Additionally, there’s lots of valuable information listed in an appendix that describes all cancer drugs used and their potential side effects on your skin, hair and nails, as well as a glossary of medical terms put into simple language.

This excellent skin care guide has charts that contain extensive information on topics such as supplements, best moisturizers, cosmetics, SPF, and even nail polish. It contains lists of organizations patients can reach out to, websites containing helpful information and even cosmetic ingredients to avoid during treatment. The book empowers its readers with a wealth of knowledge on related issues and is smartly formatted in a manner that makes it easy to find the information being searched. If you or a loved one is going through cancer treatment, or is finished with treatment, this book is a must have.

Many thanks to Eau Thermale Avène Skin Care for creating this insightful panel discussion which also included Nuria Perez-Cullell, Global Brand President of Avène, and two cancer survivors, Beauty Director Caitlin Kiernan, and photographer Shirin Tenati who went to the Avène Hydrotherapy Center in France for treatment of her Radiation Induced Morphea (RIM).

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Dr. Mario E. Lacouture, MD Director Oncodermatology & Assoc Professor of Dermatology Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


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