Bushbalm Is Your New Go-To for Bikini Skincare

As summer arrives, it’s time to slip into your bathing suits and enjoy sunny days at the beach, lake, and pool. However, in order to prep, shaving sometimes leads to uncomfortable razor bumps that can make enjoying those days less pleasant.

Bushbalm has you covered. The brand helps individuals tackle the unspoken skin concerns that plague many. Bushbalm does not shy away from the often-ignored areas. From your bikini line to your underarms, legs, and everywhere else, their natural skincare products are formulated to gently care for your most delicate skin.

Whether you choose to trim, groom, remove, or embrace your body hair, Bushbalm empowers you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, with noticeable results you can see and feel. Here are a few of their best sellers:

Radiant Reset Exfoliating Toner Pads ($19) 

A swipe a day keeps the dark spots and bumps away. This alcohol-free exfoliating toner pad helps smooth and brighten the appearance of skin without disrupting the skin’s pH balance. The oversized pads are packed with Tranexamic Acid, AHA’s and BHA’s, this multipurpose formula is safe for your bikini line, underarms and full body.


Roller Rescue Soothing Serum ($19) 

Get smooth from every angle with their first-ever chemical exfoliant. Formulated with AHA/BHA, this lightweight serum gently smooths rough texture, helps visibly clear pores and improves the look of redness after hair removal. Paired with an easy-to-use stainless steel rollerball applicator for a soothing and cooling effect.

Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Oil ($26)

Made from the highest quality ingredients, Sweet Escape Ingrown Hair Oil helps to soothe the skin, and reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps on the body after hair removal. This all-natural oil is safe to use on all skin types and everywhere on the body, even the most intimate areas.

Check out Bushbalm and the full product line up on their website.