Calming, Rejuvenating Skincare for Fussy, Pernickety Skin

My skin often acts like a temperamental, fussy baby capable of throwing a mega tantrum when confronted with any ingredient that is displeasing. I’ve tried multiple skincare products during the last two months and quite a few were disappointing or not particularly beneficial.

I’ve recently discovered two skincare products that have not irritated my finicky skin. Instytutum’s Super Biotic Plant-Based Ceramide Cream and SunLux Skincare’s P6 Serum + Seaweed Extract have also exceeded my expectations for overall performance.

My Trial Run of Super Biotic Ceramide Cream

Luckily, my skin has an affinity for ingredients obtained from the sea and responded positively to my trial of Instytutum’s Super Biotic Plant-based Ceramide Cream. I’ve tried several Instytutum products before and they’ve all been advantageous, but their ceramide cream is by far my favorite.

My skin feels refreshed and hydrated after each use and I feel confident about using it on a regular basis because it contains ingredients that don’t inflame or irritate my skin. Over the years, I’ve discovered that omega fatty acids, squalene, damask rose, albatrellus mushroom extract, evening primrose, and algae extract are gentle and beneficial for my skin type, and was delighted to find those ingredients included in this product.

A Skin-Worthy Peptide Serum

I’m delighted to have discovered this beautiful bounty from the sea. SunLux Skincare’s P6 Serum’s seaweed and peptide vegan serum is lightweight and its marine ingredients work their skin-saving magic without irritating my skin. My skin has been looking more radiant since I’ve been applying a dropperful of P6 before my daily application of sunscreen. I’m thinking that it just might be a keeper.


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

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