Combat Allergy Season with Sensitive Skincare for Spring

Spring has sprung, the gardens are overflowing with lush greenery, the trees are in full bloom–and allergy season has begun. I don’t know about you, but springtime allergies affect my skin. If you have sensitive skin and/or this weather has your face feeling itchy and irritated (or both, if you’re lucky like me!), try incorporating a few of these dermatologist-recommended products into your routine. 

After I wash my face in the morning (I like to use something gentle and hydrating like Prequel’s Gleanser), in order to keep irritation at bay I love to spritz on a hypochlorous acid spray, which can purify and calm skin– and keep acne-causing bacteria from forming. My current favorite is Universal Skin Solution from Prequel, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sam Ellis’ brand. After I let that dry, I add my serum.

I recently started incorporating vitamin C into my morning routine due to its antioxidant properties that allow it to protect skin from damage caused by free radicals. I’ve been absolutely loving the Lucent-C Brightening Vitamin C Serum, also from Prequel. This product is clinically proven to increase radiance and luminance, as well as firmness–after all, it was created by a doctor. 

After patting that in, I moisturize with something light yet hydrating. Prequel’s Urea Advanced Relief Moisturizing Milk has worked wonders lately for my irritated skin. It is formulated with 10% pure urea, which acts as a humectant by increasing water binding capacity. This light lotion sinks in quickly and is perfect for the morning, when I know I will be layering at least one more product onto my face. 

Once my moisturizer is dry, I apply my sunscreen. My two current favorites are Dr. Sam’s Sun Barrier (her products are that good) – a lightweight and semi-transparent mineral SPF 50++++ sunscreen with a peachy tint that disappears upon application – and EltaMD’s UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 – which contains niacinamide and zinc oxide. I love both of these equally but they serve different purposes: I choose Sun Barrier for days I want a glow, and UV Clear when I want a more matte finish or am wearing a full face of makeup. I feel confident knowing neither will irritate my sensitive skin. 

My night routine is similar to the morning, but instead of vitamin C serum, I like to use something that calms and combats redness. I’ve been reaching for Prequel’s new product, Redness Reform Soothing Serum, which contains oat kernel extract, vitamin F for barrier support, and a blend of soothing molecules that comfort the skin. This product is safe for eczema- and rosacea-prone skin.

Once that sinks in, I like to use a thicker moisturizer. A recent discovery that I highly recommend is EltaMD’s Barrier Renewal Complex, a creamy concoction of ceramides, peptides, and lipids that combats aging and helps restore the skin barrier and its natural hydration system.

While I love this on its own, my favorite way to use this product is underneath the Skin Recovery Night Mask, also from EltaMD (the entire Skin Recovery System from this dermatologist-approved brand is amazing). This is the final step in my night routine – a surprisingly light, gel-like mask that reduces redness and provides skin with the gorgeous glow of beauty sleep. Plus, it’s clinically proven to reduce redness after 28 days of consecutive use. 

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