Cure Your Lips with QUR Lip Products

I am someone who can never have enough lip care. I seem to go through lip balms faster than I can keep up with, so I am always looking for an opportunity to stock up my purse with products that will keep my lips smooth and healthy. I recently got to try out some QUR products, and they did not disappoint.

QUR (pronounced as Cure) produces modern lip products for the everyday person that are easy to use and chock full of ingredients that are good for you, like, SPF, jojoba oil, almond oil,  coconut oil, and shea butter.

QUR 360 Lip Balm

Say goodbye to lost chapstick caps! QUR’s 360 Lip Balm has removed traditional caps from the equation, making their balm more accessible than ever. With its simple slide opening, you’ll be able to apply one-handed throughout the day. QUR’s 360 Lip Balms come in two packs of two, the Balance & Journey, and the Shine & Marine, each with delicious natural flavors and scents.

Order your own QUR 360 Lip Balm online HERE.

QUR Clip BalmQUR Clip Balm

No more digging through your bag for a chapstick! QUR’s Clip Balms are designed to clip directly to your bag, belt, pants, or pocketbook. QUR’s Clip Balms come in two packs of two, the Uplift & Rise + Grind, and the Clarity & Unplugged, and every option smells and tastes great.

Order your own QUR Clip Balm HERE.

For more information about QUR products, click HERE.

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