Curél: Japanese Skincare at its Finest

Escalate your beauty routine with the Japanese skincare line Curél. Japanese women are well known around the world for having smooth, beautiful skin. This is because taking care of your skin in Japan is seen as a sign of self-love and respect, rather than pure vanity. Read on to learn about these marvelous must-have products from Curél that won’t break the bank:

Intensive Moisture Facial Cream
Quench your skin’s thirst with cult-favorite Intensive Moisture Facial Cream. This award-winner and best-seller in Japan will boost the power of your morning and nighttime skincare practice to regain a hydrated and fresher complexion. All you need is a small amount of cream swiped across the face after each cleansing and you are sure to see a significant difference.

Moisture Repair Eye Cream?
Keep those eyes looking alive while combating wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness with Moisture Repair Eye Cream. This ceramide-packed product helps to decrease the appearance of crow’s feet and will have your peppers thoroughly moisturized. Super soothing, I tend to apply this cream a couple times a day to really reap the benefits. It feels so good that when I need a little eye recharge, I just apply a couple light dabs and I am set.

Itch Defense Lotion
If flaky, dry, and itchy skin is an issue for you, Itch Defense Lotion is here to help. Dermatologist- and allergist-recommended, this fragrance-free lotion calms irritation and provides you with instant relief. Produced with an advanced formula featuring an advanced ceramide complex, pro-vitamin B5, and shea butter, this wondrous product visibly protects against alligator skin.

Foaming Face Wash
Achieve radiant skin and remove impurities with the Foaming Facial Wash. This mild cleanser clarifies your skin while keeping it nourished and toned. You will be left with a clean complexion without extracting moisture – so no dry patches! Suitable for all skin types, this product is a lovely daily wash to accomplish your skin care results.

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