Earth Day Skincare

It’s April and you know what that means… clean, green, Earth Day supreme: skincare edition. Tata Harper brings cruelty free, vegan, and non-toxic skincare to the masses. I’ve had the pleasure of testing out their superstar products and seeing the transformation it has brought to my skin. Tata Harper’s skincare is made in Vermont and dedicated to 100% natural beauty. They use 300+ raw ingredients sourced from 68 countries, and use only the very best in their products for their customers. They have a nifty number printed on each product indicating how many high performing ingredients are in the item. I’ve been basking in their gorgeous line for the past couple months and here are my thoughts:

You know the smell of freshly cut greenery after they are sprayed with water? That’s the scent of the Revitalizing Body Oil. It doesn’t only smell incredible but it works even better. My parched skin felt touchably soft after I lathered up this oil, which contains 20 high performance botanical ingredients. Post-shower, while my skin is still damp, I apply the oil. Limb by limb I feel the dry spots on my knees and elbows transform into baby soft skin. As I go about my day, I notice how I shine without looking greasy. Plus, there are no oily spots on my clothes. Revitalizing Body Oil is essential for any skin showing this spring.

An equally phenomenal yet thicker moisturizer, I reach for the Redefining Body Balm. When I do an at-home spa day or post-shave and want to feel ultra pampered, I dip my fingers into this gorgeous green jar. It’s jam-packed with 27 high performance botanical ingredients. I’ve been using it over my bum and bust to neutralize stretch marks but honestly, I’ve slathered it from head to toe. I had a spa day with my little niece and I applied a small amount of Redefining Body Balm to her skin. She remarked how wonderful it smelled and giggled as I applied it to her little toes. This balm is a necessity for anyone who craves a skin drink that lasts longer after application.

I had my first pro facial while in Mexico and oh, how I miss someone else doing the work for me! Luckily, the Resurfacing Mask delivers the experience without the price of a plane ticket. This mask brings out my best skin, with pomegranate enzymes, white willow bark, and calendula to eat up the dead skin cells. Lemongrass cleanses my pores while the olive oil works to soften and smooth my complexion. I give myself 20 minutes in the bath to let the Resurfacing Mask do its job, then wipe it off with a wet cloth. After two months of using it twice a week, I’ve noticed how soft my face feels and that I need less foundation. Thanks to the 18 high performance botanical ingredients, I’m looking and feeling pretty.

To boost the effects of the Resurfacing Mask I pair it with the serum afterwards. I squirt a couple pumps onto my fingertips and pat it in. At first I wasn’t sure if it would make any difference but oh yes, it did. After two weeks I noticed my dark spots faded more and more. I read up on what made it work so well: tomato carotenoids, lactic acid from bilberry, glycolic acid from sugarcane just to name a few of the key players. There’s also a whole host of antioxidants that keep the skin from getting dark spots like sacha inchi oil and elderberry. I’ve passed the Resurfacing Serum over to my mom to test, and she reports back that she loves it. And I supposed she does because I haven’t seen it in my bathroom for the past couple days… Resurfacing Serum is a favorite in my household.

On sweaty days, I need a refresher. Hydrating Floral Essence is it. It plumps, smoothes, and rejuvenates my skin with sugar carbohydrate complex, floral hydrosols, and candle stick flowers (among others). I blot my skin and go to town with a spray (or two… or five). On a regular day though, I apply Hydrating Floral Essence as my base layer before any other products, after I cleanse. It smells of greenery and florals putting me in the headspace of meadows with dew on the grass. The essence has 17 high performance botanical ingredients, rendering it the fanciest and healthiest mist I own.

I enjoy exfoliating but tend to go overboard with the chemical peels and scrubs. Thankfully Regenerating Cleanser makes it nearly impossible to do too much. It’s gentle enough for daily use, thanks to the BHA from white willow bark and apricot microsphere for physical buffing. Pink grapefruit and coral clay tighten pores, while aloe vera and crystalline coconut hydrate long after I wash the cleanser off. This baby contains 16 high performance botanical ingredients to give me a clean base with every use. Plus the scent is pleasant enough, whether I’m waking up early or heading to bed in the AM, I can feel like a princess while washing.

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