Elevé Skincare: Austin’s Clean, Award-Winning, Vegan Line

Elevé skincare is packed with antioxidants, peptides, and active anti-aging organic ingredients to nourish and improve skin in need of a summer refresh. Elevé is a French adjective that means “elevated,” and is also used as a dance term when rising up high onto the balls of your feet. As the name suggests, Elevé products have been created to inspire women to “rise up” and feel at the top of their game.

The award-winning Elevé Vitamin Sea Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen has a SPF 28 and contains 20% zinc oxide, turmeric, shea butter and vitamin C and E to protect your skin outdoors. It does not leave a pasty white residue on the face, but rather imparts a healthy glow with a subtle sheen that you’ll love. Reef safe, it contains no silicones or harmful chemical screens and smoothly spreads on your face, leaving it moist and refreshed. It’s suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive ones.
Nab it at https://elevecosmetics.com/products/vitamin-sea-mineral-antioxidant-sunscreen-spf-28?_pos=1&_sid=2718b6ae1&_ss=r.

Equip your epidermis with Eleve’s Essential All in One Age Defying Cream in the morning. This powerful moisturizer penetrates deeply into the skin to heal it, while promoting cellular regeneration, stimulating collagen production, and strengthening the skin’s barrier function. You will love how elasticized and glowing your skin feels with better texture and more dewiness after using it. this product also fights free radicals, helps reduce hyper-pigmentation, and blemishes — all in one clean formula. Organic SPF derived from cinnamon leaves will ensure protection from the sun. Find it at https://elevecosmetics.com/products/eleve-essential-full-rejuvenation-cream.