Enhance Your Summer Body Care with Kopari

According to YouGov, the global market research company, 50% of Americans have a somewhat or very consistent skincare routine–but does your skincare go beyond your face? If the answer is no, you’re not alone; but consider asking yourself why you don’t treat the skin on your body like the skin on your face. Here’s where Kopari Beauty comes in. Kopari is a clean brand that makes an array of high-quality products for the skin–face and body. I recently had the chance to try three of their hero products to get glowing, healthy skin just in time for swimsuit season. 

The KP Body Bumps Be Gone collection contains two products that have been life-changing for me. The first is a Clarifying Body Scrub with 10% AHA that is designed to treat Keratosis Pilaris (the little bumps you often get on the backs of your arms or thighs) but does an amazing job at smoothing whatever skin you use it on. Before using this product, I never considered using a chemical exfoliant on the body–but it’s changed my skin already, in the short time I’ve been using it. It has no noticeable smell and a fine, sandlike texture that is effective without being too harsh. I use it 2-3 times per week and have noticed a reduction in the little red bumps characteristic of KP when used in conjunction with the next two products.

The Clarifying Body Pads of the same line contain 4.4% AHA and aloe vera, which ensure they are moisturizing and soothing as well as exfoliating. After using the body scrub and drying off, I apply one of the pads as a follow up, gently dabbing it on the skin. It’s the same thing as using a toner on your face. These pads are excellent for ingrown hairs and dark spots, too. The tub comes with 50 pads, and I use them whenever I use the scrub. 

The last step in this simple body care routine is to moisturize with the Ultra Restore Body Butter, formulated with hyaluronic acid and mango seed butter. I have the original Coconut scent, but it’s also available in Tahitian Vanilla, Guava, and Grapefruit. It smells heavenly; this is a body butter I actually want to use, because of the scent and the non-greasy texture. It’s thick and spreadable but has a light airiness to it so that it never feels too sticky or oily.

You can purchase the products separately, or all together in a bundle