Eye-openers: Best Naturally Derived Eye Treatments and Products

Even if you’re one tough cookie your eyes require a delicate touch. Treatments and products that combine scientific principles with natural ingredients deliver the results you’re looking for.

Where have I been? The Brooklyn Herborium is a warm and welcoming mecca of scientifically informed skincare products and treatments and is literally in my own Brooklyn backyard.

When it comes to skincare, you know I’m a passionate advocate of natural ingredients but it turns out I’m not the know-it-all I thought I was.

I know a bit about botanicals and ayurvedic principles and that skin is our largest organ so it just makes sense to treat it with care. Prior to entering the Windsor Terrace location’s workshop/apothecary/home design /organic grocery and treatment temple I knew next to nothing about our herbal allies.

The entirely efficacious Integrated Eye Lift literally opened my eyes. My expertly trained, deeply knowledgeable, compassionate and insightful holistic aesthetician assessed my (many) needs and selected just the right techniques, tools and tinctures from their own Between You & The Moon holistic skincare line.

The intensive and transforming treatment included an herbal eye mask, and integrated therapies and potions including LED light, facial reflexology, lymphatic drainage, DMAE, calming botanicals and micro-current.

I will be returning on a regular basis to learn more about the healing power of herbs—and to experience more benefits. If you don’t live in Brooklyn and even David Bowie Is has not lured you, do visit Brooklyn Herborium at either of their two locations. I promise: you will have an exceptionally rewarding experience and experience lasting results.

For info: https://brooklynherborium.com/

Since I’m allergic to all kinds of things, especially around my eyes, Amala has become my go-to for gentle, effective skincare. Their Hydrating Eye Treatment does exactly what it promises. It’s easy to use and delightful to smell.

This cream gel is readily absorbed and stays put. Hard-working ingredients include jasmine, avocado and eyebright to calm, sooth and protect.

If you wear concealer, it provides a smooth foundation. Use twice a day and see a difference: you may be able to toss the concealer and reveal the real you.

Available: http://www.shopamala.com

The Eye Regenerating Mask from Valmont, the Swiss anti-aging experts, is just what you want to reset and rejuvenate. The set comes with a mask cut to fit your entire eye area, a vial of precursor complex and the aptly described collagen post treatment.

The mask and precursor complex feel cool and soothing, sure signs of the healing that’s happening while you chill out for 20 minutes. Remove the mask, pat a few drops of the collagen post treatment and be prepared to be amazed by what you see in the mirror – the you you used to know: decongested, hydrated, lifted, clear and yup, radiant.

The directions say to use once a month as a preventative treatment but I will also use it whenever I travel to de-puff, remove dark circles, hydrate and prepare me for adventure. It’s the perfect tune-up for your eyes this Spring.

Available: http://www.valmontcosmetics.com