Face Balm for Masks (+ MedZone’s Relief for Essential Workers)

Mask-wearing has become our new normal. And nobody wears masks as much as the essential worker community. These heroes know first-hand how uncomfortable masks can be but wear them anyway to stay as healthy as possible while providing valuable healthcare to the world.

MedZone’s Face Balm is an all-natural face balm and the first of its kind, designed to treat the rubbing and chaffing that often accompanies wearing masks for lengthy periods. This balm comes in a tube the size of a chapstick, is super portable, and the perfect product, whether you are an all-around active mask-wearer, medical professional, or first responder.

Face Balm is for all skin types and beyond easy to apply. The ingredients contain goodies, including olive oil, avocado, shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe extract, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

MedZone is happily donating Face Balms to a multitude of hospitals across the country to help medical workers suffering from mask-related irritation, bruising, and scaring. Plans are in the works for a percentage of sales profits to be distributed to charities prioritizing medical workers.

Find a 3-pack of Face Balm online for under $12 at MedZone.net.


Gemma Lolos

Social Media Manager, City Pulse Editor + Staff Writer

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