FaceTory Fabulous Finds

When the K-beauty trend exploded in the US FaceTory was ready launching new and innovative products that consumers could afford. Since then, the company has become massive with its extraordinary line. Here are a few of my favs:

Urban Calm Soft Essence 
Koreans are known for their “glass skin,” which is an exceptionally smooth and flawless complexion. To help achieve these results, FaceTory’s Urban Calm Soft Essence does not disappoint. If you don’t know much about Essence it is a light, watery but powerful liquid that is used after toner and before serum. Essence is a treatment that preps and softens your skin while helping your other skin care products do their jobs better. Splash on a few drops of this remarkable formula, and let this product work its magic. Essences are known to contain more active ingredients and to be more concentrated than a toner. Bonus: Urban Calm Soft Essence also plumps the skin by minimizing moisture loss, guards skin cells from environmental damage, and calms redness caused by irritation.

Fermented Scalp & Hair Masks
FaceTory’s new Fermented Scalp & Hair Masks are a game changer when it comes to giving your locks a little extra TLC. Choose from the following three options:
Strengthen – Clarifies an oily scalp keeping your mane strong and manageable.
Balance – Balances scalp’s pH levels while hydrating and nourishing hair strands for soft and smooth hair.
Moisture – With anti-frizz benefits, restore and fortify the scalp.
The best part of these masks is that all you need is five minutes and each product comes in a re-sealable packet allowing for multiple uses.

Sheet Masks
Treat yourself and enjoy the “me time” you truly deserve with a Facetory Sheet Mask. Not sure what area of skin to target when you can pamper yourself? Mask bundles are available and widely range from packs of 5-23 so you can try all the Facetory masks you please. They are super diverse and target all your basic skincare needs. The packaging is also creative and super colorful. When I first received my bundle, everything looked so superb that it took me a while to decide which to choose.

For the ecological shopper, every Facetory product is cruelty-free and without sulfates, paraben, fragrance, synthetic colors and EDTA. Got FOMO? Follow @myfacetory to get the latest updates. With free shipping on all orders over $35 indulge yourself and go to https://www.facetory.com/