Feel Bare With Beurre Shea Butter Skincare

Imagine a product that feels like you’re being treated at your favorite spa from home – or like you’re getting a facial at a spa.

Beurre, french for butter, does exactly that. From the smell of tea tree roses to the texture of the cleanser and moisturizer duo.

Beurre Face Cream + Cleanser Duo - Le Beurre Shop

I tried using Beurre’s face cream and cleanser duo at night. In the morning, I noticed an instant glow in my skin and a reduction in my pores. Made with Africa’s delight, shea butter, the products transformed me into my favorite spa.

The duo usually retails for $60.00 but is now on sale for $52.00. The ultra-rich hydration cream’s key ingredients include shea butter, rosehip oil, baobab oil, ashwagandha, grapefruit seed extract, white rose, and many other ingredients that hydrate and heal the skin’s barrier.

The moisturizing cleanser also includes shea butter, organic aloe juice, coconut, olive, and jojoba oil, chamomile, rosemary extract, and other ingredients that promote protecting and smoothing the skin’s barrier while healing and producing collagen and new skin cells. Both products include niacinamide, which prevents acne and regulates oil control.

Beurre was founded by Shirley Menard, who blended her French and Haitian cultural roots. She embarked on a mission to create a clean, natural brand with the infusion of shea butter that caters to all skin types. With a commitment to using plant-based ingredients, the products offer several benefits, including, but not limited to, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to skincare, Beurre offers body creams, specifically for people with eczema, and other nourishing creams for an ultimate skin glow during the summer.

Beurre is on my list of must-have skincare and body products because of its sustainable packaging, which also has an African oasis theme.

After using the cleanser and cream together, I noticed an immediate glow. As a pro tip, I even keep the cream in the fridge since it’s so hot out – noticing a firmer grip since the shea butter melts easily at room temperature.