Feel Good In Your Skin With Motivo Scar Care For All Skin Tones

Scars… ugh! We all have them, proof of life lived, reminders of accidents survived, and traces of cosmetic procedures revised. Like all pain, mental and physical, it’s the healing process that’s tricky, and trickier, if not extra frustrating, for darker skin tones. After a terribly silly kitchen mishap this summer that resulted in near second-degree burn, I’ve been obsessed with the notion of healing. Equally aware of the psychological impact of wounds and scars, plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Keith founded Motivo Scar Care, a full range of premium scar care products to help people of all gender identities, skin types, and backgrounds feel comfortable and confident in their own skin through life’s mishaps, excisions, and upgrades.

Step 1 in the Motivo scar protocol, after clearance from your doctor, is a twice-daily application of Motivo Scar Scar Care – Scar Cream. The silicone-based scar cream is formulated with 25 anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and regenerative botanicals and compounds that provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin, helping to soften and smooth, so that scars heal and fade. The cream is designed to tackle the discomfort, discoloration, and overall healing of new and old scars alike. It’s easy to apply and dries down quickly without a greasy residue. The brand also offers a Silicone Roller Serum, a simplified, portable version of the Scar Cream. Complete with healing compounds Arnica, Colloidal Silver, Calendula, Licorice, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid, it offers anti-inflammatory and hydrating actives essential to any modern skin serum.

After the application of either the fast-drying Motivo Silicone Scar Cream Or Silicone Roller Serum, the skin is primed for an equally key application of Scar Tape, a specialized dressing designed to provide a barrier from bacteria and compress the area to prevent the scar from stretching and spreading. Unlike most scar care brands, Motivo offers scar tape in a variety of skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest, in Fair, Tan, Cocoa, and Espresso. The tape is water and workout-resistant for active lifestyles and to withstand the recommended twenty-four wear.

With the cream or serum, and skin-matching scar tape, no one will know you’re healing, and you can get on with the next round of living.

Gesha-Marie Bland

Staff Writer

Not bland at all. Gesha-Marie Bland is an essayist, Vanity Fair-published film and television writer, and unrepentant beauty junkie who jumpstarted her career at NYU’s Master’s Program in Cinema Studies. In homage to her beauty icons Jeanne Moreau, Dolly Parton, and Grace Jones, she is forever in search of the perfect cat-eye liner, a killer pair of heels, and unforgettable statement accessories. Currently NYC-based, this dual American-French citizen still wears all-black and has a soft spot for clean beauty, pharmaceutical-grade actives, and most ingredients sourced from vineyards in the south of France. She loves New Wave cinema, Mary Gaitskill’s fiction, Spain, and matcha double-shots. After selling "The Ripper," her Alexander McQueen-Issie Blow biopic to the Cannes-winning production company Maven Pictures, she remains convinced fashion and couture are the next frontiers for edgy cinematic stories.