Furtuna Skin Has a Post-Procedure Skincare Solution

Furtuna Skin has a regenerative approach to skincare. The company grows the ingredients for its skincare products on its organic, sustainable farmland in Sicily. Instead of focusing on industry terms like anti-aging and pro-aging, the brand advocates for your skin’s longevity. Furtuna Skin has a collection of EWG-verified skincare products formulated to protect and repair your skin. September is here and many of us are making appointments with our dermatologists, to ease the effects of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Furtuna Skin’s Two-Week Aftercare Kit has three products formulated to soothe skin, especially after dermatological procedures. I recently tried Furtuna Skin’s Two-Week Aftercare Kit, and loved the clean ingredients and effective results.

Furtuna Skin’s Two-Week Aftercare Kit has a simple three-step system. I began with the Face & Eye Serum. This lightweight serum slides onto your skin like a whisper and packs the power of antioxidants. It’s formulated to perk up your skin after a dermatological procedure, while protecting it from sun damage. The botanical ingredients sank quickly into my skin, minimizing some puffiness around my eyes. This serum also doubled as a toner, evening my complexion. The Face & Eye Serum’s proprietary blend, Splendore Anchusa Complex, leverages the power of botanicals to protect and repair your skin’s barrier.   

After the Face & Eye Serum, I applied Furtuna Skin’s Nightly Renewal Cream. With soothing ingredients like bakuchiol and ashwagandha, this calming blend of botanicals eases skin irritation. This luxurious cream feels like a soft pillow for your skin. The creamy blend left my skin feeling silky and moisturized. It locks in the serum and gives your skin the restoration it needs for a healthy glow. This opulent night cream harnesses the power of botanicals and technology for visibly radiant skin. Furtuna Skin’s dual-action Circadian Rhythm Complex and Triple Enzyme Technology work in tandem to bring your skin’s texture into balance. 

The last step in Furtuna Skin’s Two-Week Aftercare Kit is the Replenishing Balm. This cobalt-blue balm is as mesmerizing as it is effectual. It provides a third protective layer to target stubborn dryness and inflammation. Like the other products in the Two-Week Aftercare Kit, the balm has a proprietary blend of wild botanicals including calamint, hawthorn, dandelion, carrot, and bristly oxtongue. A small amount of product goes a long way. Upon first glance, the balm appears to have a candle-like, waxy look and texture. However, looks can be deceiving. The Replenishing Balm glides onto your skin like a kiss on the cheek. Like the serum, the balm has a weightless texture upon application. I put a few dots of the product over sensitive areas on my skin and the balm melted seamlessly. Although I was wearing three layers of products, I hardly felt them on my skin. 

With the benefits of light application, clean ingredients, and sustainable practices, Furtuna Skin’s Two-Week Aftercare Kit is the perfect complement to your September skincare routine. If you have a dermatologist visit on your calendar in the coming weeks, Furtuna Skin can help you maintain your skin’s radiant glow.                

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